Legalized Theft Of The American Dream

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Legalized Theft of the American Dream



1. What does the writer do well in the essay?

In this essay the main theme of writing was good. The writer tried to depict the whole scenario in a very good way.

2. What does the writer need to work in the essay?

The usage of words was not so good in this essay. This is the only thing in which the writer needs to focus. Apart from this it was really a good essay.

3. State the main points of this essay?

This essay focuses on the legalized possession of property. Washington state is going after immigration assistants who have given wrong advice to people regarding the legalization. The state attorney's office announced 10 new cases where people have taken immigration service illegally. Under current law, attendees can only translate documents and forms without prior training. This paper discusses that people were given wrong advices that could result in deportation.

4. Does the introduction grab attention? Does it lead to a thesis?

NO, the introduction to this essay does not grab the attention. In order, to lead it to the thesis, writer should first clear the main purpose of the essay.

5. What is thesis statement?

A thesis statement is a statement in a trial that is planned to support, or test the thesis. Not all thesis statements can be proved empirically, but many of them represent an argument.

6. Does each body paragraph develop the main idea? The main idea of each body paragraph (five words or less each).

Yes, each body paragraph develops the main idea. And the main idea is that because of war and politics, property can be easily taken from one person.

7. Does the writer offers evidence the points he/she makes in each paragraph?

Yes, the writer provides evidence and evidences are convincing in ...
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