Lessons On Alcoholism

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Lessons on Alcoholism

Lessons on Alcoholism


The two books “Alcoholism and the Family” which is written by the author is Ann Lawson and Gary Lawson, and the second book which “Reclaim your family from addiction,” which is written by the author named Craig Nakken. Both the books are depicting about alcoholism and preventions in the families.The paper covers the lessons from the books; social, moral and ethical.


According to Craig (2000) the most thing that I found, a large fraction of these children is consequently subjected to different forms of domestic abuse, which ranges from physical torture to events causing mental stress and emotional distress. These seem to have long-term influences on the behavior of these children, and may inflict a severe, negative impact on their personalities. The research, therefore, expresses that it may not be appropriate for the children to be living with parents known for substance use, and urges the governmental bodies to introduce reforms and measures that ensure the safety and well-being of these children (Craig, 2000). Alcohol is used for other reasons and the Problem is that they can be abused. The Consumers can all too easily, or even dependent on addictive be. He or she will be under very unpleasant psychological and physical withdrawal symptoms suffer if the revenue is lost. This State of dependency can lead to the User has a strong desire for the drug, although this is clearly his work, health and Family destroyed. Fortunately, not everyone depends on it (Martini 2004). Running while not necessarily is same as the normal reward experience from, but it is believed that the drug-related release of dopamine, an important step in the joint final pathway of the experienced joy in the brain. It is the signal that compels the people to continue the drug to take.

According to Lawson, Efforts to prevent substance abuse by parents concerned about the elimination of risk factors and enhancing protective factors related to drug prevention in alcoholism and substance abuse, is the most helpful thing of the book. There is an urgent need for parents to intervene and stop the influence of risk factors while enhancing protective factors against the effects of substance use and abuse of their parents. Prevention programming focuses on increasing knowledge about drugs and the dangers associated with their use, deterring or reducing use, delaying age of onset, encouraging the development of negative attitudes toward drug use, and fostering ...
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