Life Roles

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Life Roles

Life Roles


Every person plays numerous roles in their life. As the child is born the expectations of him/her achieving heights of the career success, obedience and other goals are immediately associated. A child is born, not only as child to his parents, but a grandchild to the grandparents and their hope of continuing their generations to come. Whether a person has a successful career or is living a happy life, he / she has to perform the different duties which are expected from the position he occupies at the home, at office among friends, in the social community and in the economy at large. The realization of the responsibilities of the numerous roles, planning and strategizing for their fulfillment and achieving the success in these roles leads to the mastery of balance in life (Feldman, 2008). We will be looking into the aspects of development of career and balancing of different responsibilities as the factor in the development of self esteem leading to increase in motivation, improved performance level and achievement. We will be exploring different roles like student, family member, career professional, parent, care giver, community member, hobbyist and civic leader. We will then compare the role of a career professional, a parent and a student of woman associated with nursing profession and education. We will compare the basic skills, responsibilities and expectations these three roles and will review the effect of change on these roles transition to different roles. We will also reflect upon the efforts undertaken by the women to keep a balance in between these roles.



The pursuit of career has made the individuals more organized and focused towards planning of roles and the life planning. The people are now more focused towards achieving more than they have today and to develop their activities around the goal of acquiring a particular job or position (Kosine et al, 2008). The students who are very certain regarding their aims their life, develop plans for which college they wish to take admission. The college they choose is based on their research on the rankings and valuation of the academic standing of the college. After the college they plan the University or further certification in their areas of interest. Many students pursue part time jobs to become more independent and develop professional skills in themselves. When pursing a job, a career oriented person looks for a job which compliments his academic qualification. The following of his career instill responsibility of not only achieving his own goals but also the goal of the family. He understands that he has the responsibility to rise up to the expectation his family and he strives more to achieve excellence in his work. It creates an intrinsic motivation much stronger than the one created by extrinsic motivation. The choice of the career is dictated by the current interest and the future interests and skills which will be developed in the quest of the career growth.

Numerous life roles

The student although has the primary responsibility of ...
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