Literacy For Black Boys

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Literacy for Black Boys

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Literacy for Black Boys1

Thesis Statement1


Impact of Poverty3

Language Skills4

Low Teacher Expectations4


Data Collection6

Data Analysis7

Conclusion and Discussion9


Literacy for Black Boys

Thesis Statement

This study is comprise of ethonographic study that how literacy can be increased in African American boys. This study is conducted to know the behavioral and emotional issues faced by Black Boys and the reasons behind their lack of focus on literacy.


In this paper, ethnography study is done on the literacy of African-American boys. In this study, the purpose is to try to identify as many reasons as possible behind the low literacy rate of black boys. In order to conduct this study, sample of 12 African-American boys has been taken (Baynham &Prinsloo, 2009).

From the previous studies, it is found that African American boys are not giving any considerable attention towards their literacy. They are having a high risk of literacy failure as compared to other students. Despite of significant improvement over the past decades there is still lot of need for improvement in the literacy for Black Boys. According to National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) the performance of African-American students is below white peers. The performance is compared in all the areas like mathematics, science and etc. this is called as black-white achievement gap. There are many reasons behind this achievement gap which includes economic and social factors. This influences the literacy achievements of black boys, which results in the gap.

For many African-American children, these difficulties are evidence for getting further education. There are many factors that have significant influence on the educational outcomes of African-American boys. These factors are cultural differences, assessment practices, poverty and academic expectation. This paper focuses on the factors and analyze the impact of these factors on the problems faced by black boys. Before starting the research, it is important to know that what educational background these students have and what educational record these students have (Mace, 2002).

The reason behind all this is that it helps the researcher to identify what are the main causes behind their actions and from how much long time they are facing these issues. Some of the problems faced by African-American are behavioral and emotional issues. Other students also face many problems and the environment of school is also affected because of their problems. In order, to maintain discipline in the school harsh actions is taken., If any rule is violated than because of behavioral issues then students are expelled from the schools., In this paper, it will be discussed that what necessary steps can be taken in order to control the behavioral and emotional issues of African-American so they can continue their education like other students (Campbell, 2007).

Before starting the research, it is important to know all the details about the students on which research is going to be conducted. The details include information regarding the health of the students because sometimes students have mental or psychological problem. They are not able to study because of their problems. That is reason the information is very important ...
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