Literary Analysis Paper on The Book Of Job

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Literary analysis paper on the book of job


The publication of Job is part of the Old Testament assemblage of Wisdom publications, along with Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon. Like the other Wisdom books Job is mainly created of verse and Job 28 comprises of a hymn to Wisdom. Yet Job stands in powerful compare to Proverbs. Many scholars believe that Job was written to correct a possible misunderstanding of the message of Proverbs (

Job is different from Proverbs in another significant way. Most of Proverbs could be read in one or two verse segments and the full significance would be clear. To realise the full influence of the book of Job the publication should be read and understood as a whole. In detail, some scholars accept as true that Job needs and understanding of the publication as a entire more than any other publication of the vintage Testament. Waperture sections of the publication are devoted to talks by Job's counselors. Then Job rejects their claims and advice ( One can be left marvelling what is safe to believe in any granted section or verse of the book. Not all that Job's associates" said was incorrect, though some was. To realise the note" of the publication the entire publication should be read and understood. Yet, each section and section comprises significant and factual perspectives on life though they should be mindfully evaluated.

In some ways Job can be an upsetting book. James 5:11 retains Job up as an demonstration of patience. Yet as we read the publication itself Job often seems intolerant and even angry. Most Christians have considered claims of sinlessness as unsafe and even sinful! First John 1:8 and 10 supply all the Scriptural backing needed for a powerful sense of sin in one's life ( However, Job fights back himself against those who propose that it was his own sin that led to his troubles. In Job 7:20 he claims of God, "If I have sinned, what have I finished to you?"all through the publication Job claims to see God. He appears assured that in a face-to-face confrontation with the Almighty he could win his case and be vindicated.


It should be clear that the book of Job is not a easy article with a easy lesson teaching. Accusations go by plane back and forward between Job and his "friends" keeping safe and accusing God at some levels. Thus it should not be surprising that the note of Job has been clarified in more than one way. Some have seen Job as the Biblical response to the problem of pain, occasionally called theodicy. "Theodicy" arrives from two Greek phrases mentioning to the righteousness of God. The problem of theodicy is simply the question of how a righteous God can allow innocent people to suffer ( At one grade Job locations this inquiry by the fact that he innocently suffers. However, the publication of Job does not response the "why?" of innocent suffering. It only affirms that when one really encounters God ...
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