Literature Phase 5 Final

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Literature Phase 5 Final

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Literature has been defined as the art of written work that may include fiction (novel and short story), poem, novella and drama. There are many genres, writing styles and themes involved in writing a good piece of literature. This paper will reflect upon the works of fiction, poetry and drama read in the class, and will strive to present the impact of literature on my own life. Additionally, the paper will also discuss my favorite work throughout the work's I have read in class, and will explain the lasting impact it made on me personally and professionally. It can be argued that literature can provide 'a reflection of life' that can help us in understanding our moral codes, triumphs, struggles and values and increase our empathy for others. Moreover, it can also be argued that gazing into literature's 'mirror' can help us in further developing ourselves personally, as well as, professionally.

Short Stories

Fiction is referred to writing of prose concentrating on imaginative events and characters. Narrating prose is different from writing poetry as it do not require verses, rhymes or meters in its presentation or organization. Short stories are also considered as the work of fiction, which usually reflects a narrative style. There are only a few characters in a short story, and the story itself revolves around a single topic by concentrating on a single mood (Poe, 1984). The narrative prose of a short story is different from an extensive novel that involves a usual plot with usual literary techniques (Abrams, 1999). Novels are more extensive than the short stories, but there are some short stories that can also be extensive. Therefore, an extensive short story is called as novella, particularly if the story is of more than fifty pages. There are many finest examples of short stories in the American literature, which are enjoyed by the readers around the world and are also used as part of education in many courses. Some of the finest short story writers include Mark Twain, Edgar Allen Poe, Jack London, Stephen Crane and O. Henry. The writers must understand some of the key elements of short stories required to craft the finest and remarkable stories. Some of these elements include:


The persons in a story are called as characters. Sometimes animals can also be referred to as characters of a story. For instance, Rat Kiley and Curt Lemon are some of the fictional characters in the short story by Tim O'Brien.

Setting and Symbolism

Setting in a short story refers to the place and time of the story. A small description of the season, time, and landscape is often provided in a short story, which helps in creating a mood of the reader. Symbolism is suggesting a wide range of meanings for a symbol apart from its literal meaning. The finest examples of settings and symbolism can be found in Love in L.A such as, traffic jam in a freeway and cars of the characters as symbols.

Plot and Theme

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