Literature Review-Acquiring Skills For Tomorrow Today Within Design And Technology

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[Literature Review-Acquiring Skills for Tomorrow Today Within Design and Technology]


Literature Review-Acquiring Skills for Tomorrow Today Within Design and Technology


The expansion in the work market, in the content and state of paid work, as well as the mechanical and organizational alterations need the strong mobility of the employees. They should inevitably come by new competences and requirements all through their expert inhabits so as to effectively rendezvous the desires of their job. At the identical time, worldwide associations and numerous European plans request modes and procedures to ascribe worth to knowledge and skills came by throughout the whole lifetime; pioneers in study are the European Council (DG Education and Training, DG Enterprise), the Cedefop association, the Leonardo Da Vinci Programme, the ICT Skills Monitoring Group, the e-Skills Forum, the European e-Skills Certification Consortium, UNESCO and some investigators (Bjørnåvold and Sellin, 1997, Turner, 1999, Bjørnåvold, 2000 and UNESCO, 1999). Certain European nations have currently enacted some practices for the identification, accreditation and certification of skills came by through non-formal occupational training. Such plans are in France the “Bilan de Compétence” and the scheme for the Attestation of Professional Experience with a prescribed occupational teaching Diploma, in England and Ireland the “Accreditation of Prior Learning” scheme and in Germany the “Criteria Reference Testing” scheme (Bjørnåvold, 1997). All the overhead plans objective to ascribe value to the general and focused knowledge and skills came by through non-formal learning.

More expressly, with consider to the general and focused knowledge and skills in data technology, now helpful to nearly every employee, activity has been taken mostly by personal enterprises of the area, proposing techniques or/and examinations, aspiring to supply an accreditation for their products. ECDL is the thriving European start for the accreditation of general knowledge in data technology. A widespread characteristic of the overhead accreditation methods is the thriving participation in certain examinations; other features of the candidates, for example their expert know-how, the investigations they have accomplished or any other kind of teaching they might have came to, are not supplemented in. On the other hand, in addition to the time and cost needed by the candidates, this is not habitually the best procedure that concerns to all ages. Examinations are more apt for juvenile persons and less for those who have been kept away from the informative method for years, but who may be thriving professionals.

The set about suggested in this paper aspires to add in all the requirements of the candidates for accreditation in data technology, which have been came by through any kind of learning. As a methodology, it integrates all the likely modes to come by knowledge, skills and requirements in a general and pluralistic method that agreements with the subject from the issue of outlook of a hypothetical accreditation body.

It is an initial set about for the accreditation of requirements and skills in data technology, considered as a multicriteria evaluation problem. For this cause, qualitative criteria have been investigated and modelled and aggregation-disaggregation methods have been applied in alignment to ...
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