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Two Solutions For Low Life Expectancy In The Developing World

Two Solutions For Low Life Expectancy In The Developing World

Following are the two solutions for the low life expectancy in the developing world:

Solution 1

Social service nets contribute to good health care for example by instruction programmes of females on hygiene, nutrition and clothing. In particular, after the First World War prenatal deaths and infant mortality were reduced in Europe. During the 19-fifties screening and monitoring youth was an important issue of governmental health care programmes to reduce mortality in Western Europe. However, some of the educational instruction programmes were initiated before World War I and repeated after World War II in Europe and contributed to conserve life-span of youth. This approach was also partly implemented in the overseas colonies, which partly explains high life expectancies in these countries (Ediev, 2010, p.136).

Nutrition, housing, employability, health care and education are of influence on growth of youth. In particular the previous factors are positively related to life-span of youth. Life-span encloses the effects on pathophysiological changes of the body during an individual's life. Creation of moderators such as good food, reduced pollution, employability and education are therefore required in developing countries. The WHO reports indicate that, although a positive effect occurred from the economic boost of the BRICS countries in the first decennium of the 21st century developing countries stay instable (Kasioura, 2011, p.105).

After World War II the urge for independent democratic nations in the former colonies in Asia and Africa showed concurrency with rising violence and affected life expectancy of youth in a negative way. The difference between North and South [Tinbergen 1965 at UNCTAD conference Rotterdam] became more significant at the end of the 19-sixties. Education of woman in developing countries became poorer and child mortality increased. A phenomenon ...
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