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Importance of Lyrics in Music

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Importance of Lyrics in Music

Ho: Lyrics play a significant role in the success of a song.

H1: Lyrics does not play a role in the success of a song.


In this research we will establish an understanding as to what constitute the success of a song. We will question the importance and significance of lyrics in the composition and overall success of a song. For practical implementation of this research historical literature will be considered. Literature review will be the primary source of this descriptive research. However, secondary sources will include online published articles, magazines and public opinion.

Research Objective

The basic idea behind conducting this research is to identify the importance and significance of lyrics in songs. We have observed that song lyrics were considered to be a significant part of song in history. However, with the modernization of music industry and influence of digital utensils for music, lyrics have severely been neglected in the process. The main question is the implication of lyrics or music, whichever makes a successful song .

Literature Review

Literate review for this report will largely consider the works of legendary musicians like Elvis Presley. This review will indicate the significance of lyrics in contemporary musical practices. The fact that music is always considered a vital part of a song, but its association with beautiful words has been deteriorated. A potent mixture of words and music can live forever. Sheena Hastings examines the lyrics that linger on. There are a few subjects that have that "light blue touch paper and retire" effect when raised among a random group of people of any age. Everyone seems to love being asked about their favourite songs, which songs they listen to in certain moods, and which they know all the words of. We often associate songs with reminiscence of an event or feeling. The combination of a memorable tune and words that seem to speak to us and even express our personal situation is incredibly potent (Dowd, Timothy, 2003, pp. 147-201). Elvis Presley no doubt helped thousands of couples to fall in love when he sang; wise men say, only fools rush in, but I can't help, falling in love with you..., and the Rolling Stones probably fed millions of fantasies with, Brown Sugar, How come you taste so good? Couples talk about having "our song", one that was around when they first romanced, and of all the popular tunes about at the time, it was that one which they played over and over again and maybe danced to in private. One such song was Irving Berlin's 1938 What'll I Do? from the show Ragtime (Cameron, Catherine, 1996, pp. 41-45). The song became an instant radio, gramophone and dance-hall favourite, and sales of the sheet music with the lyrics meant everyone was soon singing the yearning lines:

What'll I do

When you are far away,

And I am blue,

What'll I do?

When songwriters put words to music it's usually because they've got something to say, whether we're talking about ...
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