M.A Tesol

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As an individual, one must continuously strive and struggle for personal development, personal care and try to expand their horizons as much as he/she can. For an educator, getting education and then teaching helps to increase knowledge, gain confidence, develop personal skills and etiquettes. For any individual, one must not stop from gaining knowledge and education as it is an information that is necessary to remain in competition with the rest of the world and with other high skill competitors and provides various angles for change. Only by practicing this, I can show my true potential of what I possess while simultaneously I can touch many lives of my students by teaching them and inculcating in them the true knowledge and path to follow. It is for this reason that I want to pursue my career in TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) education.


After having a look at my relevant experience, I have completed my teacher Diploma Certificate in 1992 and then I pursued my career by doing a job as a teacher of English Language in the Ministry of Education. For a program like M.A TESOL, I believe that I have sufficient expertise and skills to qualify for this program. Education and teaching has always been on my hit list as it has always been my passion. English language no doubt is one of the most spoken languages worldwide and is a language of the successful nation known as United States of America. I love English language as it carries thought and beauty. For many non-English speakers, learning a new language like English is the hardest blow for all as well as novel and challenging. Studying languages that are not one of our own, seems meticulous and difficult for many people to learn and grab. Most of the students might find English difficult and deal with curiosity toward a new culture and language. Furthermore, some students might leave English because of rigid teaching experiences and inappropriate. On the contrary, teaching a second language such as English for me has never been a problem and instead is an unfathomable ocean of fun. English however is a second language but the passion of studying it started from my obsession of literary aestheticism. It all started slowly and gradually with the passage of time with the aesthetic pilgrimage to the new level of Western literature from the day when I started with my ABC. Then I moved further on reading and understanding the in depth knowledge of remarkable and well-versed essays, reading simple passages and translating them first into my own language. Then I moved on to the poetry and last but not the least I was plunged into a pool of classics by literary masters.

Literature has always been one of the best writing of English to study and understand. Literature has not only inspired me but it has also inspired others in the way it is written and it has been an inspirations from the hearts ...