Macro-Environment Marketing Audit: Apple Inc

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Macro-Environment Marketing Audit: Apple Inc

Macro-Environment Marketing Audit: Apple Inc

Introduction to Chosen Organization

The company we chose for the macro-environment, marketing analysis is Apple Incorporation, an American multinational corporation that designs and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. The company is running a business in USA mainly, having the headquarters in California and Cupertino. We conduct an interview with the marketing executive of the company that reveals the following information about Apple Inc:

Environmental Analysis of Apple Inc

The brand of Apple is recognized all over the globe. Their products take pleasure in enjoying a very high level of awareness among consumers, and brand acknowledgment throughout the globe. Furthermore, the ranking of the brand name “Apple”, has been gaining even more popularity throughout the globe (Boulton, 2009). Apple has showed tremendous financial performance in recent times and has really strengthened its financial health, which is bound to help them in facing any problem in the near future. It was due to their strong financial health that they were not affected as such by the recent global crisis.

Following are the key steps of the global strategies followed by Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. treats the global market as the domestic market.

Apple Inc. has developed the marketing mix, keeping in consideration the regional and national differences, such as the languages, culture and tastes.

It has created the different systems of global production and distribution systems.

Apple Inc. has developed the distribution strategies in order to supply its products globally.

Apple Inc. has maintained its powerful brand. This is because, global market is so huge and it is necessary for a company operating its business globally, to create a strong brand so that its brand should be globally recognised (Boulton, 2009).

Apple has continued to capitalize on the overlap of the digital devices, mobile interactions devices ...
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