Major Challenges To Using Primary Documents In Order To Understand The Past

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Major Challenges to Using Primary Documents in Order to Understand the Past

Major Challenges to Using Primary Documents in Order to Understand the Past


Thesis Statement: Major challenges to using primary documents in order to understand the past.

It is extremely important to understand the past in order to ensure that mistakes do not occur in the future. For this purpose, the human beings need to study the primary documents to make them aware about the past. However, there are many challenges that occur when this is being done. There are some challenges with regards to this which are more challenging than compared to the other aspects that are being taken care of. Issues with reference to the understanding of the past occur because of the references and the sources from where the information is derived. Furthermore, the other reasons that serve as challenges include authenticity.


With regards to the historians, there were various prejudices that occurred because of which issues occurred and inflamed the passion of the British. Previously, there have been open hostilities, and eventually this resulted in open massacre. According to Hewes, it can be said that he did not have much idea about history and this is because he did not read anything from any publication. Therefore, he could only give the information that had been derived from event on the day when it took place.

One day the British officers applied to a barber named Pemont, to be shaved and dressed. However, he told the apprentice boy to give the services and receive the pay. Therefore, he gave the services, but the officer went without paying. After this, the boy the demanded the pay because of which he went to meet the officer, but the sentinel refused to let him meet the officer because of which ...
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