Malcolm X And Luther King

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Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr

Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr


The purpose this paper is to examine the both Malcolm X and the Martin Luther King Jr. as well as it will analyze how did they displayed a more international perspective in their late periods that impacts contemporary religion and politics in American society. Also, their contributions and struggle to Civil Rights struggle of the 1950s and 1960s from the book.

Malcolm X is probably with Marcus Garvey and Martin Luther King, the black leader's most important contemporary history. Malcolm did not only have undeniable talent as an orator, but he also had a true vision of the world around him, plus he was never content with rhetoric, and always took action.


From the mid-1960s, however, there was the disintegration of the civil rights movement. Rising violence against civil rights movement was among the young radicals of the sympathy for leaders like Malcolm X, a prominent protagonist of the Black Muslim movement (Martin, 2004). In 1966, the swearing SNCC, under its new, controversial chairman Stokely Carmichael from the nonviolent resistance and seceded from the civil rights movement Kings. Instead, he called for Black Power. This split in the media criticized and controversial term on the civil rights movement. Thus, the NAACP and the NUL distanced SNCC and also to the King, as this is not their condemnation of Black Power taken over, but to understand the Black Power movement campaigned.

In its violent form, it is expressed as Black Power and Black Nationalism in the Black Panther Party from. This legitimized their militancy with the supposedly still-existing racial violence against blacks in the United States. In addition to their self-image as armed guards of the black population, it pursued a radical socialist program, which was directed against the social discrimination against Black (Martin, 2004). ...
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