Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award/Answer The Question

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Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award/Answer the question

Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award/Answer the question

Key Area For Improvement Based On One Of The MBQNA Criteria In An Organization

The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Awards (MBNQA) is an award given by the government of the United States of America to all profit and non - profit organizations which show exceptional performance. The criteria's used by the MBNQA are known as the seven pillars of Malcolm Baldrige determine the success of an organization which is Leadership which focuses on how the leaders can portray their capacity for setting the goals and vision of the organization and its communication to each member, Strategic planning which focuses on how in the office environment the process of strategy formulation is worked out, Customer focus which focuses on the building and maintaining of the long term relationship between the organization and its customers, Measurement Knowledge and Analysis management which focuses on the organizations ability to manage performance and support its key processes, Human resource which focus on the organizations ability to involve and empower its work force and personnel, Process Management which focus on the organizations ability to improve manage and design its key processes and Organizational performance results which focus on organization performance in terms finance, human resource, customer satisfaction and how the organization compare with its competitors. All these criteria's combined determine the performance of an organization and where it needs reforms and improvements in order to develop itself not only amongst its competitors but for self growth and organizations success (ASQ n.d).

Customer and Market focus is a key area for improvement for an organization, as it can hold huge impact on the success and performance of an organization, for this is what determines the organizations relationship with its customers and its maintenance in a long term environment. The product or service the organization is providing has a great impact on the relationship between the two. If the customer is satisfied with the product / service, it brings loyalty from the side of the customer. Also, quality plays a great role in developing customer satisfaction, the value that a customer gets from using a product or availing a service and if it satisfies the perceived value of the customer which was created by the organization (ASQ n.d). Then there is customer feedback, which focuses on even further improving the relationship with the customers. It includes resolving customer queries, problems and offering them even more for what they asked for.

In order to improve this area of an organization several changes need to be made which can result in an enhanced customer satisfaction leading to higher performance of an organization. Changes include designing the product or service according to the needs of the customers so that they can be met. The perceived and the actual value of the product / service should coincide with each other so that the customer is not dissatisfied if the actual value turns out lower than the perceived ...
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