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Successful Project Portfolio Management

Successful Project Portfolio Management


The purpose of managing a separate project - the delivery of the product on time and within budget, the goal of portfolio management - getting the most out of the realization of the totality of projects.

The assertion that in order to ensure sustainable market position of the company must constantly evolve has become an axiom. The development is to be maintained at the proper level of technology. To satisfy all the wishes clearly not enough staff and finance. However, the lack of a technological solution could weaken the company's position in the market. For example, do not give customers a service to manage their accounts through the Internet to the bank means a concession to the competitors. The lack of operational management reporting for management information system in the enterprise leads to the risk of a decision not supported by financial resources. Thus, in addition to the dangers of the head of the IT project team and in the course of work, there is still a headache management - in which the needs of the automation to allocate funds? What is more important - the security of accounting data, powerful channels of communication with affiliates, or the introduction of CRM-solutions?

A proven mechanism for addressing this problem is the current system of portfolio management of IT projects. Under the system means an integrated model of the elements of organizational structure, procedures and regulations and information system that provides automation of portfolio management (Rajagopal & Mcguin, 2007; Morris, Pinto, The Enterprise Portfolio Management Council & Kerzner, 2011).

Problems and Solutions

Typical tasks that solve the IT division can be divided into three main groups:

Support the current activities of the company, that is to ensure the smooth functioning of the systems and technology, information security and availability of information resources;

Ensure planned development of the company;

Innovative software Development Company based on advanced technologies.

At present, the quality of IT services within the company directly affects the quality of its services and products, and therefore its competitiveness. Most managers objectively assess the contribution of IT support and business development. For example, in the western showgirl, companies invest in IT from 2 to 7% of revenue, and some - up to 20%. Investment in IT is constantly increasing, because the software and appliances are all more expensive, and automation - global. There is also growing share of spending on support and maintenance is embedded software.

Today, to survive, companies must differentiate themselves from competition. The officers of a company are responsible for identifying strategic directions depending on the opportunities offered by the market. The economic environment becomes increasingly complex, especially with the impacts of globalization. Leaders must encourage the development of new products, better management of capital budgets and especially control operating costs to maintain or increase their market position.

Business innovation through projects

They are becoming more and more complex than in the past. Leaders must now understand, identify and select projects that primarily generate the most ...
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