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Power and Managerial Control

[Name of Instructor]Power and Managerial Control

Perspectives on power

Unitarist Perspective

Power is a tool to influence someone, Unitarist perspective of power in workplace deals with harmonious and integrated entity that exists for any common purpose. In unitarist perspective the role of management is to maintain good communication and provide strong leadership. On the other hand where employees are concerned employees must be loyal to the organization under this approach, Unitarist perspective of power helps organization in maintaining the commitment of employees with organization. In unitarist approach unions compete for commitment and loyalty of employees rather than making things better for organization, therefore unions are disliked under unitarist perspective. Although in unitarism conflict is not inherent it arises in workplace due to the miscommunication, or commonality interest of employees. (Alavi, M., 2001 pp107-136)

In unitarism perspective of power organization is taken as an integrated harmonium system, many a times under this system organization is influenced in very good style that it makes an organization one happy family. In unitary perspective of power a basic assumption is that members of organization must share same, interests, purposes and objectives. On the other hand this approach also helps in taking organization together, with the help of sharing mutual goals. In this approach a union becomes a main hurdle and creates conflicting circumstances.

Pluralist Perspective

Pluralist perspective of power suggests that power is lies among the main negotiating groups in order to maintain a structure where no party dominates other. Generally, enterprise is a combination of people who have variety of different aims and interest influencing their aspirations. This perspective suggests that relationship of employment is intermediate, open-ended which creates and structural antagonism. I think this perspective of power has the potential for producing the conflicts among workplace and labor market. In this approach management must not expect any blind obedience; this may result in creation of conflict on its own. (Baskerville, R., 2006 pp83-105) This approach helps in settling the conflicting opinions which may misguide organization, it keeps the conflicts in acceptable bounds in order to make sure that conflict does not destroys the enterprise. Pluralism approach sees conflict as a legitimate and inevitable consequence, depending on the various interests of workplace.

Radical Perspective

This perspective suggest that capitalist society is splits the interest between workers and management, this division results in disparities in social and economic status. The use of power is one of the biggest concerns and factor under scrutiny. These disparities are directly attributed with the nature of capitalism. (Blackler, F. 1995 pp1021-1046)Under this approach and perspective conflict is considered as inevitable, because unions are the natural response for avoiding complete exploitation.

What is power?

Power is defined as to influence someone, such as organizational power is defined as the ability of the organization structure in order to make an efficient use of all required and available resources in order to maintain the development of organization, it includes the use of machine, and human capital in an effective way. (Deetz, S. 1996 pp191-207) Although in an organization ...
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