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In all organizations, the administration is present, in one form or another. The Administration is part of an organization that enables the integration of activities in an organization. The need for the administration appears to meet several needs, which is usually formally structured activity, with material resources, human, technological, economic, political and others. In an environment where change is the only certainty and the amount of information generated is excessive, managing risk and thrive is the goal of most companies even though they were in the public sector. The managers of all levels of an organization should seek to achieve the objectives efficiently and effectively, meeting the expectations of all stakeholders inside and outside the organization (Breu, 2001, pp. 28-47). This it is necessary to plan, organize, direct and control all resources, from financial, human and market to machinery, equipment and supplies. It's up to the administrator or manager to seek the maximum results with minimum efforts. The greater the capacity of the administrator, the more chances there will be for the project to yield profitable outcomes (Johnson, 1970, pp. 17).

Role of Administration

Management Functions in the NHS

In constant transformation, the role of administrator cannot be static, i.e. without modifications and being inflexible. According to my understanding, organizations are rapidly changing, needing to be managed, having multiple goals while focusing on the client and having the people working in it as partners, seeking efficiency and effectiveness for the desired success. If we take an example of the organization of NHS, it has been clearly identified that a great emphasis is laid on the management and administrative functions in this organization. The management and administrative functions of NHS are too complex according to the core responsibilities that this organization is accountable of performing. A very significant step that has been adopted by the NHS is the development of a specific program that is capable of combining all the administrative and clerical staff together. The management functions of the NHS are targeted to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the activities and functions that they perform. A specific number of senior support functions that are combined with the corporate business planning system and the requirements of the project management (Reynierse, et al, 2000, pp. 1-13).

Need for the Administrative Role in the Organization

The relationship between the administrative manager and the administrative functions is very important to be strengthened. It is believed that management requires good judgment, so the administrator within its functions, provides directions and addresses people who do the work. Moreover, in view of the ever-increasing complexities in the operations of organizations, I think it is indispensable for a good manager to have experience, knowledge, ability to deal with people, responsibility and, above all, a high degree of understanding of himself and his team.

In the ups and downs of the market administrator needs to make some decisions that affect the least possible organization that can keep it running without danger of fatal ...
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