Management And Accounting Information Systems

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Management and Accounting Information Systems

Management and Accounting Information Systems

Management and Accounting Information Systems

Question 1: Lister Plc Management

Lister plc ltd should first ensure that the team formed to implement the change process throughout the firm is comprised of both senior managers and personnel from the IT department. The team has to inform all employees well in advance about the changes that are going to take place in the company and about how and when the training sessions are to be conducted. It has to prepare and distribute user manuals before the change has started, has to continuously supply updated information throughout the process and provide user support after the change has taken place. It should, also, ascertain that all employees take part in the organizational and technological changes of the firm and that they understand and support the implementation of these changes. (Welsch, Hilton and Gordon, 1988, pp 22-191).

Lister plc management is a little conservative and although it is wishing to adopt a new system using modern technology, it wants to be sure that this system has already proven to be useful and suitable for such a company. As quality assurance is quite important for Lister plc ltd, it has to hold responsible all employees and departments in the company for ensuring the quality of the new system.

One of the measures they could take is to make the ordering and distribution process more simple by using the new digital order system, which would eliminate task repetitiveness and would reduce the time required for implementing these tasks. They might also inquire clients' views about the planned changes and use these as a guide to improve customer service and products. Furthermore, the company can obtain information about other companies in the same industry that have implemented similar changes so that they have a point of reference to compare the impact of these changes on the business processes (Simons , 1987, pp 34-82).

The outputting of processed data also has certain controls. These output controls are used to ensure the completeness, accuracy and timeliness of the output on screen, printed form as well as on storage media. Some output control procedures are

Initial screening of the output to detect obvious errors

Output should only be distributed by authorized persons to authorized persons.

Controls totals on the output should be checked against the control totals of the input to ensure the consistency of data.

All the documents produced should be numbered and accounted for

Highly sensitive materials should not be seen by the general data processing staff but should be outputted to a secure location

A feedback system must be developed between the users and the data processing department so that any errors that occur would be reported and subsequently corrected.

Part 2: Lister plc Ltd Stress

In Lister plc Ltd Stress is often the stepping-stone of burnout. If a person experience distress for a prolonged period of time, he may suffer the amorphous condition described as burnout. Pines and Aronson (1981, p15) note that burnout is “characterized by physical depletion, by feeling ...
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