Management And Organization In A Global Environment

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Management and organization in a global environment

Management and organization in a global evironment


Management is the set of techniques for organizing resources that are implemented for the administration of an entity, including the art of directing people to obtain a satisfactory performance (Steers, Mowday, and Shapiro, 2004). For the sake of optimization, it tends to respect the interests and representation of stakeholders of the company.

The business strategy is the choice of long-term direction of the company and options that allow it to fit into its environment. It is therefore the art of directing the organization and the people in the company to follow a long-term perspective. Defining a strategy is to set goals and objectives to be pursued, to choose actions to implement and mobilize resources. It is than preceded by a diagnosis phase and followed by a phase of implementation. The strategy can be viewed from two broad levels: strategic formulation and strategic management. Strategy formulation aims to structure the thought process leaders to achieve strategic choices (Wilson, 2010). The management regards the conditions of implementation of these choices and the organization of collective actions that will achieve the expected performance (Mullins, 2008).

However, in the discussion section we will examine the multiple concepts in details which are beneficial for the employees, managers, and organization as a whole in today's competitive environment.


We will start our discussion with the understanding of globalization as our topic is primarily related to management and organization in a global environment. Globalization is discussed intensively today, and it is a controversial topic. Some people define it as the rapprochement of cultures, world economic growth, and unprecedented development opportunities. But others fear the dominance of the economy, the loss of regional diversity, ecological exploitation and a growing gap between rich and poor. However, we believe that if propely handled, globalization opens up a vast variety of opportunities for a firm if its operations and management is handled efficiently and effectively. To deal with the global environment, an orgazniation must consider the following concepts which are discussed below in the remaining part of the discussion.

Decision Making

There are two basic approaches to make a decision in an organizational setup. One is rational while the other approach is intuition. Intuition Refers to the domain-specific capability to reach an Appropriate deci- sion without deliberately balancing various alternatives and without reflecting on a task (Steers, Mowday, and Shapiro, 2004).  Intuition makes use of knowledge-resources secured through individuals' professional experiences, but they may not be of Which necessarily aware. This intuition is held to give experts advantage over persons who do not act intuitively (Mullins, 2008). Whereas, rational decision makers follow a set step of process which includes identification of a problem, identification of decision criteria, allocation of weights of criteria, development of alternatives, analysis of alternatives, selection of an alternative, implementation of an alternative, and evaluation of decision effectiveness.

Organisational Structures and Design

Organization structure refers to the outline for dividing, handing over, and coordinating work, whereas, organizational design refers to developments in or changes to the structure of

an organization developments in or changes ...
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