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Management Information System

Bridget Foods: An Introduction of the organization

The organic foods market has become one of the most rapidly growing sectors in the US, UK as well as European Union, but the availability of data on frozen food products is scarce. The organization under discussion is Briget Foods, which is a frozen-food manufacturer; it mainly produces organic frozen food. This company started with the beginning of 1985 a start to start a business very effectively and was among the first corporate initiative to put all kinds of red and white meats, fish, frozen qualities distinct and appropriate prices, to meet all the needs of society, and got the company by virtue of its power distribution to agencies and international specialties for the production of meat (sheep and cattle) and the meat agency. The production lines include frozen meat, processed chilled and smoked meats. The factory was one of the first institutions that received certificates of quality control in the world both in terms of management ISO certificates. One of the trends emerged in the last decade is the growing interest in organic food. Organic food market in US and UK is still at the early stage of development but the number of organic farms and enterprises is rapidly increasing.

Bridget Foods' Strategic Role

Vision of the organization

Contribute to the development of domestic industry seeking their products and brands that are renowned for their quality, innovation and fair price.

Having presence at the national level to develop efficient network operations, and distributors of quality certifications worth his or her industrial and commercial practices, to enable the Company to expand into international markets.

To be recognized for their practices and attitudes in line with ethics and human values.

The team working on Food Company is committed to company goals and values, find an appropriate work environment and personal efforts will be recognized and group.

Find maintain the confidence of investors, the business community and its customers and suppliers running their operations with financial prudence.

Search strengthening their competitiveness and sustainability through environmental opportunities.

Achieving sustainability through its efficiency and competitiveness, according to environmental conditions.

It's Mission

Produce and sell beverages, ice cream, milk, dairy and other food quality standards to satisfy our consumers.

Growing steadily and rationally, contributing to the development of national industry.

Generate profits for shareholders, employees and the community through efficient production processes and marketing.

Assemble a team capable, with sound, ethical principles, committed to the company and service-oriented consumers.

Main Goals

Stand our customers, we dedicate our efforts over many years to listen to our consumers to improve our products daily anticipating and adapting to their tastes and needs.

We want to be the company that best knows / understands the consumer, that better respond, to new trends and consumer concerns.

Our reputation and strength are forming the basis for excellent quality products that offer the consumer the confidence these days is demanding.

Bridget Foods' SWOT Analysis


Smart area of the market share leader

Strong brand equity

Unique products


Not fair focus on the international market

Products offered are not well-known as the business just ...
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