Management Information Systems (Mis)

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Management Information Systems (MIS)


The purpose of electronic data and information has been in significant and substantial use since the era of technological development and expansion of webs of network that have been intended to us in order to become connected within and outside vicinity, community or an organizational on a global context.

Here in this essay, we shall make significant attempts to understand the use of management information systems and make significant attempts in understanding its use in the world today.


The concept of management information systems suggests a portal or network where information and data have been placed either for online access in terms of reference or simply disseminating information within and outside an organizational interface.

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Like energy that is being transferred and teleported to homes in a locality, technological advancements, that are occurring constantly and on an iterated basis, changed the face of information development, storage, capture and usage (Sandro , 2008, 170-189). Information should be intended in ways that shall help improve the outlook of an organization and just like any other vital resource, should be properly managed in order to make cost-effective use that shall help in the overall escalation of organizational development.

The rapid evolution of technology has lead man to make significant accounts of changes in terms of information usage and at the same time inputting and providing several avenues of technological infrastructures that aim towards massive and complex problem solving.

Management Information systems (MIS) is particularly regarded as a valuable source for organizational development that help us improve the outlook and functioning of the organization. Simply put, an information system is a system for accepting data/information as a raw material and through one or more transmutation processes, generating information as a product (Lin, 2008, 1-5).

Implementing the use of specific MIS tools can greatly impact the purpose and objective of making significant accounts of improvement and show notable performance and appraisal results in terms of procedures that maybe implemented accordingly. For the purpose and objective of making significant changes, understanding the accounts of management information system in today's world has become almost inevitable (Grossman, 2005, 159).

Utilizing the various wings of information systems (such as Transaction processing system (TPS), Knowledge Management (KM), etc.) can be of significant usage in terms of making substantial progress and development. KM implementation is understood as the need for a firm to have an appropriate mechanism to gather and ...
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