Management Of E-Retailing

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Management of E-retailing

Management of E-retailing

The retail (or e- E-retail) mix

The basic target of any marketing undertaking is to generate, satisfy and retain consumers by facilitating output, circulation and consumption functions of the society. Consequently, any marketing activity is actually a process consisting of a series of iterative and inter-related steps to effectively perform the above-mentioned functions. E-retailing is one such step in the marketing chain of activities that facilitates the distribution function. Initially, it was considered as just another step in the marketing chain and the function was accepted as obvious. As the competition increased globally, differentiation became more and more difficult. Consumer's purchasing power increased as economy opened up into more market-oriented mode. E-retail function being the most often used and final link with the ultimate consumer, marketers thought of using it for differentiation and positioning. So, e-retailing ceased to be considered as an outgrowth of traditional marketing activity; rather it was recognized as an important business proposition in its own accord, which ultimately helps marketing in performing its function and successfully satisfying the objectives. Therefore, e-retailing immerged as a discipline and considerable thinking and research went into it for the development and substantiation. In this course, we are not trying to repeat e-retailing as a marketing channel function (it is a part of distribution management course and marketing 4Ps in marketing management course). Rather visualizing the immerging role of e-retailing business in satisfaction of marketing objectives, we will try to address some crucial issues that an entrepreneur / a corporate house faces in the e-retailing business.

Web atmospherics for E-retail

Connecting with customers is essential to the success of your E-retail business. The atmospherics of your store assist to those connections. E-retail Atmospherics is a term used to describe the manipulation of elements such as color, light levels, sound, scents and design within your store to influence the buying habits of your customers. Atmospheric changes to a stores environment will influence the customers mood or feeling for that E-retailer.

Discovery-Based E-retail will help you learn to use atmospherics to encourage shoppers to purchase more and return to your store more often. halt and inquire yourself, what is it about my store that persons remember? nearly habitually, a partial response to that inquiry will be very resolute by the atmospherics of your store. The atmospherics of your shop can set up positive sentiments of excitement, curiousness, and comfort.  

Discovery-Based E-retail will help guide you in the use of changes to your store's atmospherics to influence the buying behavior of your customers. After reading Discovery-Based E-retail you will realize the important role atmospherics can play in maximizing your stores potential.

Much like the weather out-of-doors, your shops atmospherics may make your customers seem like it is sunny and 75 degrees or cloudy and 42. Discovering your shops ideal atmospherics is one key to unlocking your goal customers buying potential. If your goal is to develop a lasting, positive and profitable shopping experience for your customers, then the mastery of atmospherics ...
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