Managers Devote Resource To Cultivate And Managing Diversity In Their Organization

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Managers Devote Resource to Cultivate and Managing Diversity in their Organization



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This study focused on diversity management at Tesco plc. The influences of globalization and changing demographics, workplace diversity, meaning inter-group differences in demographic characteristics, is and will become a reality that every organization will ultimately face. Tesco is a leading food and grocery retailer. The company operates 4,811 stores in 14 countries worldwide. Tesco is running its services in UK and many other countries across United States of America and Asia. The company operates in a single segment, retail. A diverse workforce is a key to the Tesco plc to anticipate the changing needs of its customers, technological developments, and the demands of suppliers and the transformation of stakeholders of the environment. In reviewing prior studies, the most widely accepted contingency is evidently diversity management. Diversity can have a positive effect on organizations, only when management can actively manage it. An example of diversity management at Tesco is the idea of multicultural organizations, suggested. The ways in which, organization can approach the ideal situation where diversity of employees can be beneficial rather than detrimental for hiring arid retaining a diverse workforce, This Study examined ways in which Tesco leaders can attempt to make grocery market ideal settings where employee diversity is an asset. Research focusing on diversity-related contingencies has assumed the positive effects of diversity do not automatically accrue. Diversity management, equal opportunity for all and multiculturalism are the new addition in vocabulary of democratic states, but in some situation these words are misunderstood, which usually creates confusion and can lead to worst situation. The way, in which diversity is managed among different cultures, have a great impact on national culture. This creates a perception about culture and motivation level and performance of employees depends upon this perception.

Table of Contents




Background of the Study1

Tesco Plc3

Statement of the Problem4

Statement of the Purpose6

Aim and Objectives of the Study7

Research Questions7

Significance of the Study7


Strategic Human Resource Management10

Diversity Management10

Recruitment and Selection11

Employee Development as a Strategic Issue12

Learning and Development12


Leadership Styles14

Transformational Leadership15

Organizational Demography16

Importance of Culture17

Diverse Work Groups18

Work Group Effectiveness19

Characteristics of Leadership at Diverse Workplace21

Idealized Influence Attributes22

Inspirational Motivation24

Intellectual Stimulation24

Individualized Consideration25

Everyone Is Welcome at Tesco25

Objectives of Tesco26

Training at Tesco26

Strategies of Tesco27

Sharing a Smile27

Opportunity to Learn28

External Support and Acknowledgement28

Research at Tesco29

Looking Ahead29

Equality of the Company Opportunities30


Deductive Approach31

Case Study Strategy32

Semi-Structured Interview33

Data Collection Instrument34

Advantages of Selected Research Design35

Informed Consent36

Ethical Consideration36

Limitation of the Study37




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