Managing Change In An Organisation

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Managing Change in an Organisation (Hewlett-Packard Company)

Managing Change in an Organisation (Hewlett-Packard Company)


According to previous studies showed that sees and organizational behavior are influenced by several factors. These factors depend on the different theories, on the other hand, past researchers worked on different aspects of the same phenomenon. In addition, organizational behavior was considered to be influenced by the classical approach has been useful to identify and resolve the initials or the minor problems were related to the organization.

Leaders and managers are generally familiar with the word "change management" if they are working within a large company or organization. Change management has been around for a while, but this term has become very common among the organizations and companies as well as to initiate changes in the processes that includes both the tasks and the organizational culture. A change management is a set of processes used to ensure that the changes have been implemented in order, in a controlled and systematic.


Organizational strategy is a system concept, consisting of essential parts that distinguish independently, but together form a new and better strategy that ultimately affects the entire organization in terms of efficiency and effectiveness of organizational productivity. (Jones, 2008)

Basic principles for managing change

Managing change is possible only if some specific principles being followed. Here is information about the basic principles that need to be aware of all managers and leaders:

Different people react differently on the proposed changes

Everyone has basic needs that must be considered

The change may result in the loss of both, business leaders must be bold to accept

Expectations must be managed realistically

Courage to face fears

The organization must know how these principles are applied in the management of change.

• You can deal with the different behaviors of the persons concerned by proper communication beforehand. Be open and honest about providing the facts. Avoid being too optimistic. Satisfy your need for openness, but in a way that you can not create unrealistic expectations.

Have a communication strategy for large groups of people who make the necessary information efficiently and full disclosure to all people. It tells the story of change around the world at the same time. You can also arrange individual meetings for strategies to cope. This will help leaders to deal with individual behaviors.

Give people a choice to make between proposed changes and be very honest about the consequences.

Give people time to express their opinions and support their decision-making.

Identify potential losses. Identify ways to replace losses. This will help you overcome your fears.

Give the individual opportunity for all interested persons to express their concerns and meet with potential events (Ross, 1996, 12).

Change in Hewlett-Packard

At the beginning of the 1990 change was an extremely fast pace due to factors such as market expansion, new, fast and innovative ways to practice business (such as electronic commerce), and modified competition universal task of keeping up with new technology and latest management guru Peter F. Ducker dedicated his book "Management Challenges for the 21st century" with the same ...
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