Managing E-Projects & Change

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Managing e-Projects & Change

Managing e-Projects & Change

Gantt Chart

A Gantt chart (commonly known as project chart) is used extensively by project managers and other people involved in scheduling. While it is similar to a timeline in that it deals with time and events, the format and purpose of a Gantt chart is very different. The Gantt chart is a table with one task for each row and time in the columns. The unit of time chosen depends on the length and detail of the product, but some common units are weeks, quarters, months, and years. Usually there is a column at the left listing the tasks, then columns for start date, end date, and duration, followed by the columns for time. Each task has a bar extending across the time columns, representing the duration of the task. Milestones and critical path lines may also be used to add further detail to the chart. Milestones are important checkpoints or deadlines represented by small symbols in the time columns. Critical path lines connect task bars to indicate a dependence of one task upon another's completion or commencement.

To visualize complex project information and effectively collaborate with your team, start by brainstorming your project plan in the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) or the Mind Map view; then add scheduling information, and simply switch to the built-in Gantt chart view to refine your plan. Faster and easier than traditional white board exercises, MindView Business enables you to capture project scopes, schedules, and deliverables and display them in an easy to understand visual format.

2. Fine tune your Gantt chart

MindView Business is the perfect Gantt chart software to manage task information from start to finish. Build schedules, allocate resources, manage schedule and scope changes to keep your projects on time and on budget - all in a visually appealing interface.

A Gantt chart can be an eye-catcher as well as an intuitive and useful planning tool for your users. Benefit from the clear-cut and the comprehensive display of tasks in a Gantt chart. No matter what application area you are in. For more than a decade VARCHART XGantt has been refined and is a proven component for many application areas, such as production planning and control, logistics, project management, service management as well as scheduling and dispatching.

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Shorten Development Time of Your Gantt Applications

Do not re-invent the wheel. VARCHART XGantt saves you time and effort to get your Gantt chart application faster to market. The control offers:

A comprehensive application programming interface (API) to customize your application exactly to your needs

A relational data model in order to easily connect your data to the graphical elements of your Gantt chart

Outstanding features for visualization and manipulation of your data; different modules let you tailor your planning or scheduling application to your needs

A detailed documentation and help in three languages (English, German and Chinese)

A set of meaningful ...
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