Managing Foreign Exchange Risk At Nissan

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Managing Foreign Exchange Risk at Nissan

Managing Foreign Exchange Risk at Nissan


Nissan's Japanese procedures trade goods vehicles to diverse countries round the world. In general, the appreciation of the yen against other currencies adversely affects Nissan's financial results of operations and, on the contrary, the depreciation of the yen against other currencies favorably affects Nissan's financial results of operations. Any sharp appreciation of the currencies of those countries against the yen could lead to increases in both procurement and production costs which would adversely affect Nissan's competitiveness.

Nissan utilizes derivatives transactions for the purpose of hedging its exposure to fluctuation in foreign exchange rates, interest rates and commodity prices. While Nissan can hedge against these risks by using derivatives transactions, Nissan, by so doing, may miss the potential gains which could result from seizing the market opportunities to profit from such fluctuation in exchange rates and interest rates. In addition, Nissan manages its exposure to credit risk by limiting its counterparties to financial institutions with high credit ratings. However, a default by any one of these counterparties could have an adverse effect on Nissan's financial position and operating results.

The automobile industry worldwide is influenced by a broad spectrum of regulations governing the emission levels of exhaust fumes, fuel economy guidelines, noise level limitations and safety standards, and Nissan expects these regulations to become increasingly stringent. In order to ensure compliance, it may be necessary for Nissan to make significant ongoing investments in these areas which would have an impact on its financial position and results of operations.

Sales Financing Business Risk

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