Managing People

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Managing People

Managing People

Discuss What Management Problems You And Your Team Foresee That Google Faces In The Next Few Years In Order To Remain Competitive?

Google or Google Inc. is the biggest search engine of the world, in term of traffic, as it is recognized. However, the company's main business units are three which are advertising technologies, cloud computing and internet search. But the competition in this industry is tough and to remain competitive in this market IT companies should consistently introduce new and innovative technologies in the market. In this study, base on the people management we will analyze what people management problems Google will encounter in future and on what basis. In this paper importance of people management and key areas of people management would also be discussed as to clearly assess, what are the main areas Google should focus as to avoid problems related to people management in future.

The global competitive environment requires an element that holds much more value than technology, natural resources and even money; and that is “knowledge”. Burk says “knowledge management is 80 percent people and 20 percent technology”. As the number of knowledge workers in the labor force increases, human resources management must be involved in the creation and the important role of critical knowledge. (Barboza, 2003, pages 33-40) that is different from the previous generation of knowledge workers, the workers, not only in the high level of education they received, but because in a knowledge-based organizations, their own organization of production Way, that is knowledge. It believed that due to the performance of knowledge-based industry organization depends on the holding to attract, motivate knowledge workers.

Management needs of these workers structures and processes, which is the basic form of organization is different from the traditional. Knowledge and innovation as a lever is not in the formal business development level. Flexible, flat network architecture, self-organizing teams and projects, decision-making and democratic communication lines as a function of defining the organization of knowledge innovation decentralization. Autonomy, complexity and ownership of tasks to be regarded as innovation, new knowledge, creativity and innovation, intrinsic motivation, an important prerequisite for individual and collective.

Strategy and effective management of human resources, the proposed arrangements, including time, to the pressure of business and customer needs, develop innovative structural separation to fail to encourage the risk attitude and relaxed buffer. Feedback and rewards should focus on the production process and the process of creative thinking, not just the result of external incentives may backfire and make recommendations. If the failure of peer criticism and exposure risks in the bad part of the creative process is the supervision of the reserve team is the most important is to maintain confidence and trust. To be successful, innovative, creative company further said that in the process to hire the staff, such as adventure, exploration test, the incremental risk, the uncertainty of the concept or context of the confrontation. These activities strengthen the Organization's ability to maintain the opportunity to ...
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