Managing Recruitment And Selection managing Recruitment And Selection

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Managing Recruitment and Selection


Recruitment and selection are two very important processes within the term human resource mamgement as there are the two main elements that help in determining any organizations success or failure. This is so as recruitment and selection, is the technique of choice through which one chooses a set of candidate or candidates that are the right people for the posts existing in the company. Therefore the main objective of recruitment and selection is to have the largest number of people available, who meet the job requirements or fees to cover the organization and help in achieving the organizations goals.

Recruitment is all the actions implemented to find a candidate to meet the needs of an organization in a given position. Recruitment involves external as well as internal recruitment that have different challenges with respect to them. This Process requires the appointment of persons through prior study whereby the candidate is evaluated on the basis that he fulfills the requirement of the jobs specification in demand. This process then leads to selection which means choosing the best employee through a proper evaluation process whereby it is determined that this candidate or these candidates are best suited for the job. This is done as once an established list of potential candidates is made; screening and final selection is the next step.

This involves the analysis of CV and cover letter, interview or (interviews) with the candidates, possibly for psychological testing , maintenance (or maintenances) with future manager and the person responsible for recruiting decision is in agreement with it. (Beutell, Nicholas, 2006, page 3-6)The specific recruitment is a task of disclosure, a wakeup call, giving knowledge of existence of potential candidates. However the selection is an impaired activity of choice, of choice and decision, input filter, classification, that helps in deciding which candidate needs to be recruited and who shouldn't be. This initially requires a sequence that defines conditions and steps aimed at the search, followed by selection and incorporation of suitable personnel that meet the needs of the company according to the requirements and specifications of different jobs in the organization. Every institution requires specialized personnel, skills and perspectives that are consistent with what we want to achieve. (Barber, 1998, page 4-7)


As mentioned earlier, recruitment and selection process is very essential for an organizations productivity and growth and so human resource managers should be very careful in choosing and selecting an employee. In the last few years, job markets have gone over various changes with respect to their fundamentals. That includes changes in technologies, prevailing completion as well as source of recruitment. Recruitment is all the actions implemented to find a candidate to meet the needs of an organization in a given position. Hence the prime challenge of Human Resource managers is to not only face these challenges but also conquer numerous challenges in order to select the most suitable candidate for the organization. (Cascio, 1998, page 3-9)

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Since the process of recruitment and selection are interlinked, ...
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