Managing Time As An Adult Learner

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Managing Time as an Adult Learner

Managing Time as an Adult Learner

Time is referred as the most precious element in life, if once lost can never be gained back. Thus, time management is essential to effectively manage our daily work. Considering a leaner in school, may not face many difficulties in managing time since he does not have any other responsibility. While an adult learner may have to manage work as well as family and other daily chores.

Countless challenges may accompany the return to school as an adult after a long period of gap. When an adult returns to learning period, he also takes along his experience that has taught him how to survive in the toughest time. As mentioned above that since an adult may have to manage multiple things in life, he has a lot riding on his shoulders. Thus, the relevant option he chooses to gain insight becomes a hurdle itself (Lieb, 1991). This is not it; he is also required to keep a balance among all tasks. However, to counter all these problems there is a possible solution, which is effective time management.

Managing time may help close the tools and techniques, skills utilized when performing specific projects, tasks and goals. In an adult learners life there may be wide range of activities in order to manage time, that is to say: planning, scheduling, allocating, goals setting, delegating, analyzing, organizing, monitoring, and then finally prioritizing. Initially, time management was specifically associated only with employment, work life or business. However, with passage of time, eventually time management has made its place in everyone's personal life as well to manage their personal and daily chores efficiently. Here it must be noted that managing time does not mean to work fast, rather it means to allocate the required time to ...