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Manga and Anime Influence over Holltwood

Manga and Anime Influence over Holltwood


Manga is simply the Japanese word for comics. Anime is an abbreviation for Animeshion, which in turn is a distortion of the English Japanese animation. However, with manga Japanese comics are called so, while meant by Japanese anime cartoons. Moreover, the concepts of manga and anime of course are not always reserved for Japan, but for ease of distinction in the rule to use. Occasionally they are used for productions that do not originate from Japan though, but imitate the style known Japanese productions (Baricordi, 2000).

However, Katsushika Hokusai, a representative of ukiyo-e, coined the term manga combining the kanji for informal which is for man and drawing is for ga. However, it translates literally as whimsical pictures or doodles. The Japanese manga also called insignificant images, for a year bought more than one million volumes in white and black, printed on cheap paper.

Moreover, the literal meaning of the term manga is “rambling image.” It was formulated from a fashion of Japanese wood engraving photographic print; ukiyoe, that normally demonstrated beautiful courtesans, sumo wrestlers and actors. The current form of Manga's is the fusion of Japanese drawing proficiencies and Western techniques. Manga gained popularity after the World War II; when Osamu Tezuka created a manga by adapting various fictions, and molded it into the vivid computer graphic breed (Napier, 2001).

This modification was prior to the creation of 1952's popular anime Astro Boy; which pioneered the modernistic creative style (Hall, 2007). Despite the fact that every artist had their distinct style of manga; certain common characteristics were present in all of them. These characteristics included the portrayal of peculiar teenagers, powerful men and captivating women. Since the beginning of 1990's till 2000's; there was a rapid addition in the market demand for anime throughout the west (Clements & McCarthy, 2001).

The anime industry considerably grew with a major gain by issuing licenses of several anime movies, anime series and OAVs at a modified rates and the advancement of Animax through the biggest 24-hour anime network in the world. Animax broadcasts its programs across various countries; these countries include Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, Latin America, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh (Kraft, 2003).

In contrast to Western comics are a popular Japanese manga reading in all age groups. Accordingly, they are there on any subject. Apart from the known to us in genres such as children's stories, action, fantasy and superheroes, there are manga aimed at an older audience, as thrillers or political thriller. Very common are also sports stories and romantic comedies. And then there are also manga that can classify at all anywhere.

Mangas are usually published first in monthly phone book thick "magazines". One such issue includes various themes together reasonably appropriate series. There are also regularly made reader surveys to determine which series are particularly popular. Unpopular series are tilted from the program. Especially popular series will be published separately once the publisher in a ...
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