Manpower And Demographics

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Manpower and Demographics

Manpower and Demographics

RWJF Blueprint for Change

A specialist in geriatrics, Dr. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey has made a significant contribution to health policy in the United States. In addition to the maintenance of clinical practice and teaching career, she is in numerous committees and advise the federal government to reform health care. In 2003, she assumed leadership of the country's largest health care philanthropy, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which distributes more than $ 500 million annually to agencies and programs that focus on health issues. In 2003 Modern Physician Lavizzo-Mourey named one of 25 "forward-looking doctors ... who are idle status quo through a flexible experience and reputation in the various disciplines and political life, quality, information technology, health, philanthropy and business (" In a presidential message on the RWJF 2008 annual report, Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, MD, MBA, focusing on the symptoms of a sick health system offers clear, principled, evidence on the initiative of the Concept of transformation. This message takes a broad view, graphics, such as health and medical services arrived at this turning point and that in front of America on the path to reform.

To help the journey along this road, a new section focuses exclusively on health reform and Innovation Fund, our grantees and our partners. Information, research and data driving the reform and the new section of our web-site, health reform in 2009, will grow in real time with press releases, policy briefs, journal articles, reports, research and recent publications on what is happening in Washington and across the country.

California to move toward comprehensive health care reform

Health Reform in California, occupies a prominent place on the political agenda, and things quickly. was created to help save the California current on key proposals, analysis, hearings, and news. The site also provides resources to ...
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