Market Segmentation And Product Positioning Of Chocolate Candy Company

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Market Segmentation and Product Positioning of Chocolate Candy Company

Market Segmentation and Product Positioning Of Chocolate Candy Company


The marketing strategy is part of overall strategy of the company, defining the main activities of the company in the market in respect of customers and competitors. The marketing strategy of the company depends on the current situation in the market; assessing the prospects for the future changes in the market and competitors' actions, objectives and existing resource constraints (Taubert, 2007)

About The Company

Maxi is the chocolate company that deals with different chocolate products. The company believes that in making the tasty chocolate, whether covertures or the bar chocolate. Maxi Chocolate Company is basically a young growing company. They produce confectionery products of high quality and excellent taste. Their chocolates contain the nutrients and vitamins, which are rich in fruits and nuts. Sweets are made ??using a unique formulation exclusively from natural raw materials under the strict supervision of experienced professionals.

About The History

The Maxi Company, formerly Maxi Foods Corporation, commonly referred to as Maxi's, is the manufacturer of chocolates largest United States. Its headquarters is located in Pennsylvania, a city permeated with the aroma of cocoa. It was founded by Milor S. Maxi in 1890 as a subsidiary of Maxi Chocolate Company Lancaster Caramel Company. It is a fact that at present Maxi is able to capture the market and their products are now sold all over the world.

Maxi is one of the oldest chocolate companies in the United States, and an icon in American culture for its famous chocolate bar. The Maxi Company owns other candy companies and is affiliated with Resorts Company and Maxi Entertainment.

Our Aim and Vision

The governing objective for Maxi Company is to deliver the superior shareholder value

To grab the customer, such a way that in every pocket there should be maxi chocolate

Sustainable growth of Maxi's market through the aggressive product development

Investing for developing people

Focusing on the cost competitiveness and productivity in innovation and operative utilization of the assets

Our Management

Maxi is manage by the Board of Directors that delegates the daily management to their Chief Executive's Committee (CEC)

The Board is responsible for the entire management and the performance of the company and the approval for the long-term objectives and the commercial strategy

The Executive Committee's Chief reports to the Board and they are accountable for the daily implementation of the strategy. The team is committed towards the Board for driving high level performance of the capability, growth and efficiency programmer and for resource allocation

Our Main Products

Maxi's Chocolate

Maxi's Reese's

Maxi's Kisses

Maxi's Syrup

Maxi's Cocoa

Maxi's Twizzlers

Designing a Customer Driven Marketing Strategy

Maxi company aims at such strategy that is basically customer driven, means that they target those markets where the profitable ratio is much higher, including product, marketing concept, selling and productions.

Production Concept

The product the company offers are quiet favorable and affordable for the customers, and Maxi also focuses on the quality improvement according to the requirement and need of the customer. They also focus on improving the ...
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