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Marketing Audit Report

Apple Marketing Audit


Apple Inc. is engaged in the production and designing of computers, iPhone and other electronic devices including music players, peripherals, etc. As Apple is already involved in the production of iPhone, it is quite a reasonable time to enter the market of normal cell phones. Although there are several rivals in the cell phone industry, but Apple can find an edge due to its extraordinary management capabilities and core competencies in the market of electronic goods. The new launched cell phone will be named as “Apple Com”. The name represents Apple as the company and “Com” as the communication device. In other words, the consumers can communicate now through the cheaper device (as compared to iPhone) more easily. The new brand will be sold initially through the website than the dealers will be appointed for the large-scale selling after the introductory stage. Initially the “Apple Com” will be launched in the United States, but after getting a reasonable customer base, the product will be launched globally because cell phone companies like Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericson etc. are playing worldwide, so “Apple Com” will have to play globally against these players to grasp maximum market share (, 2008).

Situation Analysis

Apple is entering the cell phone market for the first time, but it is highly expected that the new launched cell phones will attract the maximum number of customers due to the goodwill of Apple in the market. Moreover, the marketing will play a fundamental role in the success of the product right from its introductory phase. The marketing department will create awareness about the new product, and then customers will be persuaded towards the new cell phone (BBC.CO. UK, 2006).

Market Summary

“Apple Com” will primarily target teenagers and youngsters, but gradually it will serve all classes of the customers like middle age and elders. As far as the classes are concerned “Apple Com” will target middle, upper-middle, and upper-class customers. In other words, all classes and all age groups will be targeted gradually. The different models of the phones will be launched in order to cater the needs of all age groups and all classes. The information regarding the customer requirements will be acquired through the research work initially, and the requirements of the current customers of different competitors in the industry will also be considered like initial data (BBC.CO.UK, 2006).

Market Demographics

The following factors would be considered by the “Apple Com” for profile:


As far as the geographic segmentation is concerned “Apple Com” will not limit itself to some specific geographical boundaries. As discussed earlier, our new brand will be launched globally.


As far as the gender is concerned “Apple Com” will target both the genders equally.

As far as the age groups are concerned initially youngster of 14 - 25 years because they account for most frequent users of cell phones. However, the models will be designed for different age classes according to their requirements after the research. The models with better features will be designed ...
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