Marketing Communication

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Marketing Communication

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Company background3

Micro needs3

Macro needs4

The Campaign Delivery Recommendations5

Creative solution6

Performance Outcomes24

Marketing Communication

Company background

Eliana's Kitchen is a Britishcompany that sells food products The purpose of this study is to prepare a integrated marketing communications strategy for Eliana's Kitchen so that it make successful market entry and launch its products in new market, especially its food products. Factors that will have an impact on Eliana's Kitchen's integrated marketing communications program (IMC) and to launch the products of Eliana's Kitchen. (Grassl 2003 59)This study describes the necessary IMC tools that Eliana's Kitchen will use to successfully market its products in the UK. My target group is women and men of age 25-54. Eliana's Kitchen prides itself on innovation, launching some new products and the ability to transfer its achievements in foreign markets. There is a high level of awareness in Eliana's Kitchen brands, the wide range are major household names in the UK and this shows that there is a great opportunity for Mastiha to sell its products in the UK market. (Hernman 2004 121)

Micro needs

As mentioned above, the enriched food products are new in the UK market; hence the level of intense competition is relatively low. On the other hand, the bargaining power of buyer is very strong because the retailers in UK are corporate giant like Mark and Spencer's, Tecso, Top, Makro, Selfridges and Harold's. The threat from substitute is small because the society is suffering beef phobia. The entry barrier is the solely most worrying factor for Eliana's Kitchen as the entry barrier for such industry is very low. Therefore, it is crucial for Eliana's Kitchen to establish strong brand equity before the competitors creep into the market. (Grassl 2003 59)

Macro needs

Push strategy

There is a necessity to employ such strategies in order to enhance the relationship that survives with retailers of Eliana's Kitchen products and to forge an alliance with new outlets. To entice new customers to try varying product ranges, a push strategy must be employed.

Publicity is the most convincing tool for Eliana's food products to persuade the consumers to purchase the product. The company should invite nutritionist to do scientific research and tell the public that whether Eliana's food products is really as good as the company claim. The consumer movement groups and the public watchdogs are also invited to examine the quality of the product. If their comments are positive, then Eliana's food products will easily penetrate into the UK market. (Hernman 2004 121)

Pull strategy

A pull strategy is necessary to raise awareness of the brand and to change existing negative attitudes that exist about the Eliana's food products. The messages will denote the new image of the brand and convey the new message of 'healthy fun'. The pull strategy will also be involved with a call to action to the Eliana's Kitchen web site.

The Campaign Delivery Recommendations

Packaging serve two purposes for Eliana's food products. First of all, it will protect the food product and maintain its freshness. Secondly, the packaging can reflect the augmented feeling ...
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