Marketing Communication For Special Events

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Marketing communication for special events

Marketing communication for special events


Marketing communications is a subset of the overall subject area known as marketing. Marketing has a marketing mix that is made of price, place, promotion, product (know as the four P's), that includes people, processes and physical evidence, when marketing services. This paper discusses how marketing communications and its planning can be effectively used to launc a major event.


During difficult economic times, it is often tempting for companies to slash their marketing budgets as part of their efforts to control costs. While this may seem like a logical naive, in reality, a down market provides the perfect opportunity to maximize your marketing investment while also growing your business. Marketing, like sailing, has its own language and process, both of which can be intimidating or frustrating. Learning the basics requires homework. Furthermore, business people, like new sailors, can't wait to get out of the classroom and into the action(Marshall, 1992).

Marketing communication for special events

Marketing Communications is a helpful tool that can help in turning next event or show into a major success.

It provides:

Provides with a complete insight into the strategic and innovative marketing of events of all scales and nature

Builds a conceptual framework for developing, planning, implementing and evaluating innovative communication strategies

Emphasizes how and why communications strategies need to be included in the overall plan for effective and successful long term planning.

Strategies for the events industry is a first for the industry. Whilst event-marketing texts have emerged in recent years, there have been none that have focused on the process of researching, planning and implementing marketing communications specifically for events or for the use of events as marketing communications tools(Marshall, 1992).

Marketing Communication's Strategies for the events industry is a blend of theory, research and industry best practice, and is further brought to life via the use of event examples that cover the full range of organizational types operating in event markets around the world. Communication marketing is the most effective form of marketing in existence as it combines the newest strategies, tactics, and channels with the most basic human behavior(Lyons, 1999): People like to talk. But this marketing industry is incredibly fast-paced and fluid with important new practices, debates, and trends continually emerging. Communication marketing is a coalition comprised of hundreds of top marketers who are learning how to encourage and amplify this natural phenomenon while respecting and protecting its honesty and integrity.

Marketing communications between the service firm and its customers can take many forms, some of them highly creative. In a competitive environment, effective communications play a vital role in marketing strategy, moving new customers through the purchase-decision process and helping to reinforce brand preference among existing customers(Light, 1994). Today's customers have more, better and faster access to information than ever. Bombarded by competing messages, they can rapidly sift through the information overload to find what they need, and they are better equipped than ever to distinguish false marketing claims from substantive ...
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