Marketing: Goya Foods

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Marketing: Goya Foods

Marketing: Goya Foods

Company Introduction

Goya Foods Inc., the well-known brand products are sold in many countries of Latin America and the United States, the company with its headquarters in Secaucus, New Jersey. (Briceno, 2007) Despite the fact that the product line remains largely dependent on its roots in traditional authentic Spanish cuisine, Goya first branched out in Puerto Rico and Cuba, the kitchen and in the early 90's he started to produce Mexican and South and Central American products. It became the largest American owned food processing business and its owners, Unanue family, are the second richest American families in the United States, with a net worth $ 750 million. Goya was founded in 1936, Prudencio Unanue Ortiz (1886-1976) and Carolina Casal Unanue (1890-1984), two Spanish immigrants.(Deutsch, 1991)

Brand's Marketing Mix


The product marketing applies to product or service that the seller offers. For the marketing of products will be successful, it is important that the seller understand the clients' point of view of the product. The description should be clear and specific, and should be sent to designated people. Goya Foods' catering service should be described as a healthy alternative to foods made from fresh, organic products to improve the health of consumers and the targeted population must be healthy, busy consumers who have no skills or time to make good food.


The price represents the amount of money levied from the seller for goods or services. By Determan, "Make sure it is not too low, or the product will not be taken seriously. If it is too high, the potential client will not take the risk." (Briceno, 2007, pp. 48) Goya products should be used secondary and primary data to analyze how many customers use catering, to look at competitors' products and prices, as well as to determine that ...
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