Marketing In Health Care

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Marketing in Health Care

Marketing in Health Care

Marketing in Health Care


Principles of marketing can be carried out not only in trade and services, but also in health care. It is known that human health is the first priority need, followed by professional achievement, business success, recognition, etc. Need to be healthy causes a person to be proactive in finding ways to healing and gives it a certain direction. Processes of socio-economic health reform determine the need to optimize supply, demand and consumption of health services, effective use of available resources and identify funding.

The population's attitude to the consumption of medical care, the dynamics of demand for various types of medical care, assessment of its quality, manufacturability and cost effectiveness has never been analyzed and were not the criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of the industry before today. In the literature marketing problem in health care covered in relation to private and medical insurance, with regard to marketing in terms of state regulation of health, now the problem is studied not enough.


The term marketing or market management concept appeared in the late XIX and early XX century and literally means the market activity, work with the market. Berman give the following definition of marketing: Marketing a prediction, control and satisfy the demand for goods, services and ideas through sharing." This implies that the objects of marketing can be not only goods, services and ideas, but people (politicians, actors, etc.) and organizations (Red Cross, public funds).

Modern marketing is a kind of philosophy of big business, which is a business associated with the direction of the flow of goods and services from producer to buyer or consumer. Using the marketing, firm does not passively reacting to market phenomena, and conducting thoughtful and coordinated policy conquest of markets, on the one hand, fitting assortment of products to the market demands, on the other actively forming needs and demands in order to achieve maximum profit. (Grier, 2005, pp.319-339)

Marketing Management is a demand side management, conscious process aimed at achieving the desired volume of sales of goods in the target market. At the same time the interests of the company, customers and society as a whole do not always coincide. To achieve consensus concept of social and ethical marketing involves linking the company's goals with the needs of both individual consumers and society as a whole, not only with short-term but also long-lasting. In accordance with the manufacturer is forced to produce products for the environmentally sound technologies are not only useful but harmless to humans and the environment. Thus, when making marketing decisions should take into account three main factors: consumer interests, the interests of the company, and the interests of society. (Pride, 2003, Pp. 52-65)

Marketing system includes suppliers, marketing intermediaries and competitors, various public and governmental organizations, financial institutions, media, and legislative bodies, take into account political, demographic, economic, scientific, technological and other spheres of public life. At the core of marketing strategy are five types of market activity: market segmentation, selection of target markets, the choice of methods to market, the choice ...
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