Marketing Mix For Dell

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Marketing Mix for Dell

Marketing Mix for Dell


Market superiority and competitive advantage are the first priority for any existing commercial or business organization. Proper consideration of the market and the creation of a truly feasible marketing plan allow organizations to maximize their potential and realize their individual goals. However, the only problem that prevails in this assumption is that other companies that operate as an indirect or direct competitor also tend to assume the same goals to get the maximum market share and take responsibility to gain a competitive advantage in the industry (Abrahamson, 1991).

Systems and processes in which these firms that either make or break performance in the market, among those who have been massive in their fields of Dell Inc in the discussion after looking at the model used by the company in its activities. In particular, the distribution and marketing schemes must also be taken into account. Observations and arguments made in this document are supported by books, articles and reviews to discuss the growth of Dell Inc, and the importance of distribution and processes of marketing in the organization.

Growing PC Market Trends 

Personal Computer Industry has been through constant changes, evolution and progress. Basically, the computers are considered as the faster, smaller, cheaper machines with more memory. Technological innovations affecting the computing industry are now being developed in other related industries; additional technology is constantly adopted by all types of personal computing devices. Mobile computer market is also growing rapidly and is expected to lead the global PC industry at the same time. (Aldrich, 1999)

Dell Overview 

Dell was found in 1984 by Michael Dell who initiated the idea with the simple concept of selling computers directly to customers. Dell was the first company in the industry that took measures to sell computers directly to customers. In contrast, most PC makers had large orders, which would be delivered to their downstream partners on a quarterly basis. In 2009, Fortune magazine placed Dell as the largest amongst 33 companies in the Fortune 500 with employee number of 78900 and 2009 sales of $ 61,101 (mil). The company ranked second on the team in the industry sales for Hewlett-Packard since 2009. 

Dell Worldwide Locations

Dell opened its first international subsidiary in the United Kingdom in 1987 for the international operations have opened in the next 20 years. Dell's operations throughout the world in three geographic regions: Europe, America, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Japan.

Dell has invested in countries with countries acquainted with high growth such as Brazil, Russia, India and China to manufacturing and designing computer infrastructure and customer support; the company intends to further expand its global infrastructure with international countries respectively (Aldrich, 1999).

Dell's Challenges

The real cause of the problem with Dell was on its way of to be the best in the industry. When Michael Dell was selling cheap computers during the first stage of the company, he came up with a strategy to make computers as cheaply as possible to squeeze all the inefficiency of the supply ...
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