Marketing Opportunities

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Analyzing Marketing Opportunities

Analyzing Marketing Opportunities


XYZ Company will manufacture breakfast cereal and distribute it in Australia. Marketing will play a key role for making the product successful. Marketing is not a one-time event. Rather, it is an ongoing process. It is continual, and tries to improve, connect, and reconnect with customers using improved methods to reinforce the organization's relevance over and over again. Markets cycles are exactly that are cyclical. A marketer never launches a marketing campaign once and expects to achieve the goal. Marketing is relationship management, requiring frequent communication.

XYZ Company targets consumers living in urban and suburban areas, as well as consumers living outside the city or area in suburban locations. XYZ Company has a modern shop designed for consumers living in urban areas, especially civil servants who want to buy lunch or go shopping. These stores located in the city center and provide products to customers of quality. They got the benefit over competitors profited by proposing consumers larger value in respect to the strategic performance management, either via smaller charges or by supplying larger advantages and service that supports higher prices. The organization has to remind customers that it is there, listening to them, changing if it has to, and offering them something in return for choosing the organization. The first step in the marketing cycle is market definition and segmentation: knowing the target audience. It is important to remember that the wants and needs of markets change continually, and the marketer has constantly re-examined and redefined market segments. Marketers must do research and ask all the questions. Next, the marketer compiles and presents his or her findings so that the service design can be altered in such a way that it fits the wants and needs of the customer. The organization that refuses to change to accommodate its customers will lose them. From this point, the marketer helps his or her organization set their price or understand the value of the organization among its constituents. If the customers do not perceive the value, they will simply go or give elsewhere. From here, the marketer can promote and distribute the marketing message, but the job is far from over. He or she then has to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign to see if the work produced is meeting the goals and supporting the mission.


Organizational strategy is a systemic concept, made up of essential parts, which independently distinguishable but which together forms a new and better strategy which ultimately affects the whole organization in terms of efficiency and effectiveness of the organizational productivity. Once a proper evaluation conducted, it is time to start all again using the data gathered to sharpen and adjust the next marketing plan after analyzing the trends of macro environment. (Gwinner and Gremler, 1998)

The marketing team has to be careful to avoid lots of things that do not make sense for the customer. They need to consider the customer's point of view when crafting the message into the ...
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