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Marketing Plan Assignment

Executive Summary

This assignment covered at length the various components of a marketing plan based on hypothetical launch of a new wine by a renowned alcohol manufacturer of Australia. Hence, all the related components have been discussed and included in this assignment. However, this paper has helped implementing the respective learning of the subject in an analytical manner, which has further clarified, and ingrate clearer concepts of the subject through this assignment.

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Company Background1


Situational Analysis4

SWOT Analysis4





Future Objectives5

Marketing Mix6





Budgets and Sustainability Report7

Gantt chart7



Marketing Plan Assignment


As per the requirements of this assignment, the aim of this paper is to analytically form and present a marketing plan of a new product of the selected company. It is relevant to mention that although the company is an actual business, the new product that would be launched is hypothetical, so that this encourages implying of the learned concepts of the subject to this case. The selected business industry chosen is Australian alcohol industry, and the company chosen is Pernod Ricard Australia that will soon be launching their new alcohol wine called 'Övlun', which means intoxication in Icelandic, in the Australian market.

Company Background

Pernod Ricard Australia started from a humble family business to evolving into a multinational business concern representing diverse and popular brands of diverse alcohol and liquor drinks. It is from its humble beginnings that great focus was placed on developing and expanding the company into a large producer of wines and other liquor drinks that has now incurred the company's name to be acknowledged as the leading wine and spirits company in the country. Formally known as Orlando Wyndham Group, which was established in 1828 by John Wyndham who had emigrated from America to south of Australia, is the oldest commercially operating winery in the world. Thus, Wyndham's vision and hard work resulted in highlighting Australian produced wines and other liquors globally. Presently, the company is one of the global leaders in wines and alcohol beverages and ranks at number one in Australia, comprising of well-known brands such as Brancott Estate, ABOLUT Vodka, Malibu, Jacob's Creek, Chivas Regal and Kahlúa (


The organizational structure of the company is illustrated in the following diagram:



One of the key departments for promoting all these beverages is the company's marketing department. Pernod Ricard Australia focuses on its consumer marketing in order to highlight its various liquor brands to its global consumers by employing ethical marketing practices and creating awareness amongst the consumers. This can be observed from the company's website as it specifically asks the user to insert information about their country of origin and their birth details so that only individuals who have attained a legal age to consume alcohol are allowed to enter the website.

The Marketing Department

The marketing department of the company develops and ideates consumer strategies, which ensure maximum sales and brand awareness amongst the local Australian market. This is not an easy task, as the team has to take a brands global history and tie it with local consumer preferences and ...
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