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Executive Summary

Prior to establishing a merchandise line, Bug Free Bags.'s administration assessed the market opening for beaded handbags. The administration group discovered that in the year 2000, beaded handbags were one of the peak selling handbags (Accessories Journal, January 2001). With that in brain administration determined that the merchandise line for Bug Free Bags. Will focus on handmade beaded bags in an assortment of sizes, colors, and designs.

Bug Free Bags is a personal business that specializes in handmade beaded bags. Our business target is to distribute, market, and evolve handmade beaded bags, and to be part of the companies that comprise the accessory industry. Bug Free Bag's merchandise line is positioned in the high value, high function, high fashion, and high price-end of the market. Our business prides itself for differentiating its merchandise through discovery, style, craftsmanship, and design.

Market Research

        To ensure a successful launch of our new men's line of undergarments we require to mindfully marketing the new products. Bug Free Bags believes that a three-step process of trading research will assist us accomplishes our aim of selecting the best strategies and tactics. The first step of the research is to have our trading teamwork closely with our merchandise development department. The merchandise development department will be adept to teach us on the various products, encompassing solace features, materials, and accessible styles and colors. This research will supply the trading group with an entire understanding of merchandise in the new line in alignment to successfully market the undergarments.(Vignali, 2004)

The second step in our trading research design is to perform issue of sale surveys of our present customers. The surveys will be clarified to the customers on their receipts and will ask for them to call in and answer a couple of questions. This survey will supply the trading group with precious data on purchasing habits for both male and feminine Bug Free Bags customers.(Wilson, 2005)

The last step in our trading research design will engage assessing the demographics of our present customers and recognizing which market segments are more probable to purchase items from our new line. Once the trading research is resolved, our trading group will be in a better position to unquestionably work out the best trading strategies and tactics that we should use to encourage these stimulating new line products.


Segmentation of the market is one of the most significant steps in embarking out into the business world with a new or advanced product. Without recognizing the market that will be money-making, the business will go incorrect and suffer a large loss of profits and cash invested in the product. Identifying the criteria that will be used to segment the market is one of the keys to a successful merchandise launch.

There are several distinct criterions that can be used to segment a market.(Vignali, 2004) The group has the advantage of having a base homogeneous market by aiming at the existing Bug Free Bags customer. The group is confident that if men relish Bug Free Bags ...
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