Marketing Research & Segmentation

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Marketing Research and Segmentation Problem

Marketing Research and Segmentation Problem


It seems natural at first to dismiss health care marketing as the invasion of crass commercialism into some of the most sensitive areas of people's lives. This approach is too simplistic, however, because health care marketing is one of the ways that advancements in medicine and in health-protecting services like insurance are made widely known. (Clatworthy, M. Mellett, H. 2004)

Using health information to market goods and services certainly runs the risk of invading privacy. The inappropriate advertisement or sales call can communicate to people that their sensitive information has been handled indiscreetly. This can be a mortifying offenses to a person's sense of autonomy and dignity. (Clatworthy, M. Mellett, H. 2004)

A marketing representative at a local hospital is extremely important in hospital success within any hospital as it helps to contribute to its financial success. If it weren't for the way in which a hospital and sells their products or services, the company would not exist, nor would each department within that organization. For example, accountants help maintain the financial data for the company. They maintain hospital financial statements, pay the bills, collect monies due, and many other tasks. If the company is not selling any product, there will be no exchange of money in or out therefore, the accounting staff would not be needed. Accounting would also help determine the marketing budget, informing marketing managers how much they can spend and when. Many departments within an organization will be involved in marketing in some capacity and not even realize it.


It is very helpful for all employees to know the marketing strategies within a company. If a customer service representative answers calls on a daily basis and a customer asks about the latest rebate offer, that representative must be able to answer any questions and also help promote the offer to help with the sale. This is also true if a salesperson is going on a sales call. It is important for them to know such things as what the hospital marketing strategies of the company are, what the demographic is, being able to recognize the customer's needs and wants, having done research on the potential customer, and having the right materials to sell the product or service. This is where a marketing department can work hand-in-hand with sales. They can focus on providing this information to the sales representative to help the representative focus more on selling the product and adding value to the customer with the hopes of retaining their business in the future. (Clatworthy, M. Mellett, H. 2004)

So my definition of marketing would be anything encompassing all the concepts above. hospital Marketing is a way to sell a product or service, but it is also an organizational process of planning, researching, identifying needs, creating, communicating, and presenting ideas and products to customers. These ideas and products should focus on adding value to the customer, adding profit to the seller, and helping to maintain a relationship ...
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