Marketing Strategy In Eu

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Marketing Strategy in EU

Marketing Strategy in EU

One of the greatest areas of concern for the marketer is in the legal area. The marketer wants to protect its intellectual property rights and must look at how developed the rules are in protecting a foreign firm's intellectual property rights. If the country does not allow the firm to enforce its rights effectively in the country, the firm stands the chance of losing a great deal of goodwill in their products. The marketer must examine the rules for advertising as well in the country. Sometimes a country may have specific limits on speech and the manner in which the firm can communicate a message. The country may have rules that limit guest workers and the type of workers that can be used in a country. Understanding the country's laws will help the marketer develop a multinational marketing strategy that works.

In most countries, the biggest problem that firms run into is illegal use of their intellectual property rights (i.e., copyright, trademark, trade secret, and patents). Some countries don't have sophisticated rules in place to protect foreign intellectual property rights and thus their infringement is likely. For example, Yaqing, a Shanghai-based soft drink maker, lost a lawsuit last January against Coca Cola and its local bottler over the naming of a new beverage. Yaqing claimed the characters for Coke's Qoo fruit drink—“Ku-er'' in Chinese—were too close to those of Yaqing's Kuhai drink. Yet a Shanghai court ruled that the two names were different enough for consumers not to confuse them.

The European Union is the name of the association for the countries that have determined to assist on a great number of areas, varies from a single market financial system, foreign policies, same sets of ecological laws, joint gratitude of school diplomas, and exchange of criminal proceedings are among the few (Moravcsik, 33). The E.U. is approximately comparable in working to the United States of America.

European Union, an economic and political amalgamation of European nations, as well as other organizations through the same member nations, that are accountable for a common foreign and security policy and for support on impartiality and home affairs (Nelson, 21).

The managed exchange rate system pacts with trade rate among countries. Managed rates presume that one country sets the financial policy, takes the exchange rate that is agreed, and presumes the other country will go together with that rate. The other country then attempts to lessen inflation by locale their exchange rate. The managed exchange rate structure slows down exchange-rate association through the foreign trade market involvement (Risse-Kappen, 10). The whole reason behind the European Union is to preserve peace between the European counties, as well as to incorporate them. The origin gentlemen of the EMS required restoring the integration of the European Communities. In 1949, the Council of Europe was initiator to endorse political and communal agreement in Europe (Hix, 17). Later in 1952, the European Coal as well as Steel Community was ongoing to dispel fears of a military-industrial ...
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