Marriage Culture And Value

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Marriage Culture And Value

Thesis Statement

Marriage is the fundamental reasoning behind the united family where husband, wife and children live together in harmony. In this paper we will talk about how do the marriage traditions of two diffrent societies reflect diffrences in culture and value?


Marriage is the beginning of the life together for a man and woman; this is a sudden turning point in the life of the girl. In order to create much enthusiasm in the girl's mind, and to make the transition in her life easy, marriage is celebrated on a grand scale, like a festival. Therefore, marriage is an important milestone in one's life. In this paper we discussed about the Marriage culture and value of Hindus and Muslims.

Literature review

It is well known that all cultures are unique and exquisite in terms of different languages, religions, kinds of literature, customs and traditions peculiar to this or that culture. However, culture is comprised not only of works of art or ancient traditions, which are not always practiced thoroughly, an integral part of every culture is people's family life, which of course is very much determined by different marital systems. Every culture possesses certain social patterns for marriages, including the number of partners a person can have (one or more), at what age he/she can get married and where the newlyweds should reside. Since the creation of the world two marital systems have been known. They are monogamy and polygamy. Both terms have Greek roots, and thus, can be easily defined. The term “monogamy” (“mono” means one) is a type of marriage or relationship when one male is married to one female or has intimate relations with one woman. In contrast, polygamy (“poly” means many) is a kind of relationship or marriage where one man is married to several women or one woman is married to several men. Thus, polygamy can be of two types: polygyny, describing a marriage of one man and several women, and polyandry, which represents a marriage of one woman and several men. Very often people omit the term “polygyny”, and call this kind of relationship as simply polygamy as it is not so widely spread in the world.

Generally speaking, monogamy is the most wide spread type of marital systems supported by many people worldwide, however, other types of marriages also exist and have the right to continue their existence. The current paper was designed to speak about two different cultures supporting either monogamy or polygamy, and advantages or disadvantages of both marital systems.

Hindus Marriage Culture and Value

A Hindu Wedding is not simply an exchange of vows and rings. It includes a number of religious rites before and during the nuptials, which are performed in the presence of family deities. These represent the importance of the bond between a husband and wife. A Hindu marriage or «Vivaha» is incomplete without the blessings of a spiritual or divine element (Uberoi, pp 56-388).

Rituals & Customs

Misri (Ring Ceremony)

All prayers in Hindu ceremonies start by invoking the blessings ...
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