Marriott Leadership Style

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Marriott Leadership Style

Marriott M=leadership Style

Company analysis

Marriott was founded byj. Willard Marriott in 1927, when he and his wife root beer stand opened in Washington. as a Mormon missionary in sweltering, wet years in Washington Marriott is convinced that the city needed a place to get a cool drink. They later expanded their businesses in a chain of restaurants and hotels.[6] the key bridge Marriott in Arlington, Virginia for the longest operating Hotel Marriott International and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2009, their son and current Chairman and CEO, j. (Bill) Marriott Jr. led the company to the impressive growth worldwide. Today, Marriott International has approximately 3150 property House located in the United States and 67 other countries and territories.

Marriott International was founded in 1992, when the Corporation Marriott split into two companies, Marriott International and Marriott Corporation.

In 2002, Marriott International has started, a major reorganization, spinning off many senior living communities (now a part of life senior Sunrise) and Marriott distribution services, such as to enable them to focus on Hotel ownership and management. Changes have been completed in 2003. In April 1995, Marriott International has acquired a 49% interest in the company Hotel Ritz-Carlton. Marriott International believes that it can increase sales and profits at the Ritz, muddy chain with a large number of properties, or lose money or barely breaking even. The cost of the initial investment is Marriott's estimated 200 million dollars in cash and assumed debt. The following year, Marriott spent $ 331 million to grab the Ritz-Carlton Atlanta and buy the most interesting two properties owned by William Johnson, real estate developer who bought e-Ritz-Carlton in 1983 and expanded its holdings coming Ritz for twenty years.

Problem Statement

Due to changes in the environmental, social and economic climate around the globe, such as flooding, terrorism and a weakening economy, the existing business model and strategy at Marriott is incapable of responding and proactively adapting to such external conditions. As a result, the company is experiencing a drop in its share price as well as reductions in its earnings from quarter-to-quarter. Thus, the limitation of its current strategy prohibits the company from operating at a level that is profitable enough to satisfy its shareholders during this volatile period. During such unstable times, Marriott needs to compete more aggressively than ever before in order to return to undisputed industry dominance.


General Environment

With annual sales approaching $65 billion, on an average day the hotel industry accommodates over 2.6 million guests in 3 million available rooms (and growing) in over 44,000 properties around the world. Growing at an annual rate of approximately 2-3%, the industry is divided into four tiers, consisting of budget/economy, mid-scale, first-class and luxury. Though there are countless hotels around the globe, the major players in the industry are the 10-12 parent companies that operate a chain of hotels, often with brands that are spread across the four tiers. In addition to international players, each tier also contains an abundance of smaller hotels ...
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