Mass Transit And Tourism

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Mass Transit and Tourism

Mass Transit and Tourism


Not often thought about it, but vast majority of children and young people living in urban areas have to reach the many varied opportunities existing in modern cities. Cities, however, are usually designed without them. Public spaces and transport, designed by healthy adults for healthy adults, do not take into account the needs of children and other "minorities.” The autonomy, therefore, is threatened, and that impacts very negatively on their ability of development and welfare. The deterioration of the environment is particularly pronounced in the city where air pollution and acoustic serious concern to Europeans. Today we know that children are not simply miniature adults which are more sensitive to the effects of pollution. For that reason, Local authorities must intervene urgently to restore the quality the urban environment.

What should I do to have children? Can we conceive of an environment based on the principle 'Pets children"? In fact, those responsible politicians have before them a whole range of options and instruments to make it happen. In this regard, the first thing to ask is, obviously, question the way to school, which is even easier if you think displacement issue daily trips along common to many children or to very specific destinations. In this manual provides an outline of a successful strategy in the matter that the successes are many. Do not forget, however, that most movement's children and youth are not school-related (extracurricular activities, sports, entertainment, tours, games, etc.).

Are Our Children Right?

In your opinion, what room is left in a city for children they can play, against which the government reserved for parking or circulation? What rights do children with regarding freedom of movement and access to places where develop their social and cultural life, acquire knowledge and gain physical? Are children entitled to an independent mobility?

How important is that right from decisions of adults, when they insist on using the car at all costs? We all feel an obligation to protect children against abuse, sexual abuse or financial exploitation. We consider elementary protect the moral integrity, physical and mental a child against people who have the "power" to harm them. It is also clear that we must guarantee the right to education, for example. The United Nations Convention on Rights of the Child, adopted in 1989, is living proof of consensus on certain fundamental rights. Unfortunately, the right to mobility is not even part of them. Beyond that, however, these fundamental rights, the fact is that adults have the "power" to impose their priorities and demands at the expense of expectations and even health and welfare of children. One Saturday in 1997, the United Kingdom, Darren, 8 years old was the victim of a traffic accident while traveling by bike home from a friend. It took all the pressure of national campaign by people who came to help bereaved parents about the drama for the company insurance car driver hit him to resign at the end claiming "the right" in ...
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