Matthew 16:24 Analysis

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Matthew 16:24 Analysis

Matthew 16:24 Analysis


Matthew has many peculiar expressions which enhanced the essence of variety in his style. Matthew begins his account by giving the genealogy of Jesus. Then he talks about Jesus' birth and early years, including the Flight into Egypt from the murderous Herod and their return to Nazareth. As you read this Gospel, Matthew message sounds clear: Jesus is the Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. But these words formed the most powerful exhortation that could be used. Whatever violent force was confronted by Jesus, it was often given remoteness and its aversion increases, contrary, when one is allowed to who are offered something free to do or do not make it a much more powerful for attraction what you want from it.


Those who find comfort in their own way of God, will be invited to the way these people, we will never have fewer people to share with us what has given good counsel to fully trust in God. Therefore, we must believe that he at all times so as not to at any time, to trust their own, or in any creature, it is only to his. Trust in him to guide us when in doubt, in order to protect us when in danger; provide us with the time to strengthen every word and good work. We must develop a hope and our desire in front of him, and then patiently out will against him: This is our hearts poured out. God is the entire asylum, even if he will be in many homes. In the poet warns against men's trust. People, low degree, because the wind changing. The rich and noble it seems in their power, and luxury of the commitment, but those dependent on them, are disappointed. Weighing the balance of the Bible, all people can do to make us happy is lighter than vanity itself. It is difficult to wealth, rather than trust in them, if they increase, though by lawful and honest means, but we must be cautious, lest we set our affection for them too.

A smile of the world is most likely to attract from the heart of God, in who should be a separate setting. Always receive all believers as a trust from God, and he tried to use it as the glory of his steward who must render an account. God himself said, because it is all the time, that power belongs to him alone. He can punish and destroy. Both paintings belonged to him and his reward for those who believe in him, summed up the reason of redemption of their transgressions, not a perfect service is a proof of the rich mercy, and encouraged us to believe him. Let us trust in his mercy and grace, his works abound in the hope of His mercy alone.

Then Jesus told his disciples:

"Depart from me, Satan," Son of God will be unhappy with the committers of sins because the scolding is ...