Media And Public Life

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Influence of the Media on the Public

Influence of the Media on the Public

Media and politics seems to have a close relationship as there is politics found in media big time. They play politics in terms of what content in necessary to be shown on media and which is required to be hidden from people. News today is a concept which can be defined by two things. First is the meaning of news and second is hwo news is made (p. 347). Making news is the job of communication researchers and journalists (p. 348). They may have hard time in defining the news in appropriate way so it can be shown exactly the way it is. The reporters and researchers are assigned a job of creating a news or continuing the story. Media messages make evaluative statement (p. 363). This is to done to change the behavior of the audience and persuade and influence them. With the theory of agenda-setting is to explain the important role that media play in influencing public opinion by talking about issues and silence others (p.367). The media draw attention to certain issues and create frameworks for interpreting social events. The media provide information and prioritize the problems according to some particular interests. Attach importance to certain issues based on repeat day after day and therefore public opinion considers important these issues. Variety of other medias are made and remade (p. 373). Media changes to challenge the agenda of the content to be shown.

Public opinion in the communities are formulated and shaped by of the main roles carried out by the media, and double that with the developments increased quality in the areas of communications technology (p. 353), which was granted and the media possibilities and enormous capacity to influence others, which ...
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