Media Effect On Attitudes Towards Climate Change

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Media Effect on Attitudes towards Climate Change


Participants of the Survey

There will be three sets of participants, which will be divided into two groups: one will be a mix of age, gender and occupation, and the other will be a group of geography students. The first group will be asked about their perception about the effect of media on their attitudes towards climate change and what they think can be done to increase the role of media. The second group will be asked about their level of understanding of climate change by being a geography student, their perception about the influence of media on attitude towards climate change and how they can communicate the reality of climate change to a lay person. The questionnaires for mix group and geography students are given below.

Mix Groups 1 and 2



Dear Participant,

You have been approached to provide your participation for the research. This study is part of a communications and media dissertation being presented to the faculty at [Name of the University]. The purpose of this research is to analyse the effect of media on attitude towards climate change. Research will be conducted through surveys and focus group discussions. Before giving consent to participate in this research, kindly read the section below and ask any question if you want to understand what your participation will involve.

If you are participating in this survey, it will only take 15 to 20 minutes. Your participation is highly appreciated and is completely your wish to volunteer for the participation or withdraw anytime. Return of a completed questionnaire indicates your willingness to participate in this study. While filling the survey, you might anticipate the following process to be followed by the researchers. You will fill out the questionnaire about the affect of media on attitude towards climate change. After completion, please place the questionnaire in the envelope provided, seal it, and a researcher will collect them in the envelope provided for return to the researcher.

In order to make sure that the research is following the law and regulations, the following steps are taken: 1) questionnaires will remain completely anonymous and no personal identification will be asked 2) no participant will be identified by name in the published research, rather pooled data will be reported 3) only the identified researchers will have access to the study records 4) all questionnaires will be placed in a sealed envelope by the person filling them out, and not opened except by the identified researchers and 5) study records will be kept in a locked office.

It is expected that the information and data collected from this study will be useful for the society by helping to identify what role has/can be played by the media in shaping the attitude towards climate change. If you have any questions regarding this questionnaire or if you would like a summary of research findings, please contact [Your Name] at [Your Contact ...
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