Media Influence

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Media Influence


Today, the media has become a useful tool which allows us to stay in constant communication with the various social, political and economic events, both nationally and internationally. Mass media like press, television and the Internet are an indispensable part of our society today. The media plays a major political role to monitor and control the different branches of government (judicial, legislative and executive) information. The fact that the media put different priorities in their reporting and not judge events or decisions in politics the same way is an important factor in shaping public opinion in a democracy.

Thesis Statement

Mass media influences public by distributing certain kind of messages.

Influence of the media

It is clear that nobody is free from the influence of media in modern society as it is vital to be well informed and thus be exposed to or be manipulated in a more or less indirect. The primary objective of media is to shape public opinion so as to generate support for corporate issues. Public television and the Internet represent the greatest threat to that process. Both provide divergent sources of information which remain outside of the filtering process friendly to business. Therefore, if media is used in a negative way it can cause a serious damage. This explains why the Bush administration assigned PBS. Because programs like “NOW” to Bill Moyer and the weekly documentary series “Frontline” were used to sabotage the Bush Administration. The mass media also has another important political role: to inform the citizens.

Through the media we can understand global connections, for example, in business and politics, without having to be on site. In addition, the media informs us about the profiles and programs of political parties and thus take control of our political opinions. By doing this they can easily ...
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